BMW is the country:
First BMW of Germany. Founded March 7, 1916 and March 22, 1929 the first BMW car was born. Ranked No. 3 out of 10 automotive brands in the world values. The brand is associated with the image of luxury cars, comes with performance and price stability does not come cheap.

BMW Germany was created

BMW Germany produces

But for auto dealers and automotive players for years. German cars are usually less stable assessment of the Japanese carmakers. In return the German car often equipped with the latest proactive technologies. Therefore, should a majority of BMW buyers are people a lot of money and only use about 3 years is changing new car.

What is BMW or BMW stands from what you know not:
BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG from the German word meaning this is the Group’s Vietnamese motorcycles and cars of Bavaria. Since BMW Headquarters Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Website

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke from

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke from
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So read what is BMW:
BMW: bey-em-vey. According to German, the letter W, then read the English Civil V. pronounced Bee Em-double-u. But according to Vietnamese readers are Bim offline. But which is the best standard bey-em-vey mentioned already.

BMW you can read the page matte calf

BMW you can read the page matte calf

Logo BMW to date is still debate about its true meaning
There are people that bmw logo was inspired by the propeller of the aircraft is running. And turn from fine to let you know of the BMW engine is the creator predecessor Franz Josef Popp was the engine for this aircraft after the end of the war he moved to make engines for cars.

Get ideas logo bmw picture propeller airplane running

inspired logo bmw picture propeller airplane running

while others relate logo BMW is very similar to the flag of Bavaria – where production of the company’s vehicles. Because white and blue colors on the flag are two of Bavaria.

Logo design history and the flag of Bavaria BMW

Logo BMW over time and the color of the flag of Bavaria in tune

There are two explanations for the meaning of the BMW logo you like to think in a way also because until now still no one knows where is the best explanation for the meaning bmw logo. Funny is not it true you.

Cars bmw
Series BMW are many people interested in especially the Vietnam favored the rich. The average price of BMW cars in Vietnam usually from 2 billion or more, and only those with high or very high incomes have conditions to own a BMW car.

BMW 320i car is popular car line that is widely used in Vietnam believe sedan, if it comes to the BMW X5 SUV is also the line is many users as possible.

Here are the models BMW:

Series BMW in the world and in Vietnam

Series BMW in the world and in Vietnam 1

BMW cars in the world and in Vietnam 2

kilometers distribution of BMW in Vietnam also very arduous.
Not smooth like other car manufacturers BMW had changed hands three times since 1992. First, since the first love is VMC automotive joint venture partner Peace through the Philippines. VMC assigned that day assembling two main lines of 3 series and 5 series

at that time the economic difficulties outdated technology leads to production assembly and sold not much. VMC is not much moves to improve and upgrade the infrastructure tang.Hon mere 10 years sold only 1000 units.

Policy until 2000 automotive industry Vietnam requires localization rate of 40% and no longer meets VMC afford only by assembly welding lines framing the small details and tires. Car also does not meet the operating conditions, what must also come to stop cooperation with VMC BMW.

2nd affinity belong Euro Auto in January 7/2007. Euro Auto became the main importer of BMW in Vietnam ie. Can see very focused BMW Euro Auto is not only proof of import, distribution, but also to open assembly plants.

Regrettably barrier papers of Euro Auto dreams can not come true. But under the older BMW Euto Auto popularity and become rivals with a lot of other manufacturers like Audi, Mec.

According to statistics in 2015 sales of 1,800 units in 1400 which is also the car BMW Mini and Motorrad Bmw. Estimated revenue 2,500 billion is impressive. But in 2016 a series of mistakes import, sale and purchase contract document and prosecuted. One year later terminated 12/9 affair between BMW and Auto.

The name is mentioned in the first days of 2018 was Changhai. According to some experts Changhai would be the best distributor for BMW at this time. But Truong Hai will have changed quite a lot from selling administrator because BMW is a luxury car is much different than the other lines.

When the price of a BMW Changhai hands than halved billion. For consumers there are so many mixed opinions when choosing Changhai fearing car will lose the luxury car class.


12 form beautiful Ferrari of all time
During the 70 years since its establishment, Ferrari launched hundreds desirable supercars. Yes these cars are auctioned up to 38 million.
12 mau dep Ferrari of all time Image 1
Since being founded in 1939, Ferrari has released hundreds of desirable sports car. Here are 12 beautifully designed templates Ferrari of all time as voted by Business Insider page.
12 quick Ferrari of all time dep pictures 2
1. 166 Inter: Developed from 1948 to 1950, the Ferrari 166 Inter street version of the race car is the Ferrari 166 Inter 166 cars marked Ferrari’s first success in the field of commercial vehicles. 166 is supplied power by a V12 engine of 2.0 liters, the maximum power of 90 bhp.
12 mau dep Ferrari of all time Image 3

2. Testarossa 250 TR: TR 1957 Model 250 is the first car bearing the symbol of Ferrari Testarossa. Testarossa in Italian means “red head” by the head of the engine bearing the red. TR 250 is designed as a street racer and sold around the world. Motor vehicle carrying the 3.0-liter V12 to a maximum capacity of 300 horsepower.
12 mau dep Ferrari of all time Image 4
3. Testarossa: Testarossa is a name always exists in the hearts of the followers of Ferrari, was produced from 1984 to 1996. The cars have brought honor to the name of the design studio Pininfarina through TV shows “Miami Vice “1980 Testarossa engine owns 12 cylinder boxer format, 4.9-liter capacity, the maximum power of 390 horsepower. These parameters have variable impressive Testarossa supercar become the most powerful in the world at that time.
12 mau dep Ferrari of all time Image 5

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4. F40: The anniversary model of Ferrari’s 40th, and final model is marked by founder Enzo Ferrari before his death. No exaggeration to say that the F40 is a real race car on the street when equipped with twin-turbo V8 engine with capacity of 478 kW, a maximum speed of 321 km / h.
12 mau dep Ferrari of all time Image6
5. Enzo: Developed from 2002 to 2004, Enzo as a tribute to the founder – Enzo Ferrari. Although designed controversial, but undeniably a masterpiece Enzo really, with the power of 660 horsepower and a maximum speed of 350 km / h.
12 mau dep Ferrari of all time Image7
6. Dino 246 GT: Was named the youngest of Enzo Ferrari – Alfredo Dino. Dino 246 GT was produced from 1969 to 1974. Although no logo Ferrari 246 GT but is still a real Ferrari. Compared to the Ferrari at the time, the 246 GT modest engine, V6 2.4-liter volume capacity of 195 hp.
12 quick Ferrari of all time dep Pictures 8
7. 308 GTS: Launched for the first time in 1977, this is the car hood detachable (TARGA) by Pininfarina design studio. 308 GTS V8 owns 2.9 liters, maximum power of 255 horsepower.
12 quick Ferrari of all time dep Pictures 9
8. LaFerrari: LaFerrai’s first hybrid supercar Ferrari for the price of 1 million. Only 499 were produced and all were ordered. LaFerrari is equipped with a V12 engine 6.3-liter, 789 horsepower capacity, combined with the electric motor. LaFerrari accelerate to 100 km / h in under 3 seconds, before reaching a maximum speed of 347 km / h.
12 quick Ferrari of all time dep hinh anh 10
9. 365 GTB / 4 and GTS / 4 Daytona: Produced from 1968 to 1973 with two versions hardtop convertible berlinetta and Spider. Ferrari Daytona 365 is the most popular of all time. Nicknamed “Daytona” from 365 to monopolize the top three positions in the race in 24h Lemans 1967 Daytona race. Daytona 365 is equipped with a 4.4 liter V12 engine capacity of 352 horsepower.
12 quick Ferrari of all time dep Pictures 11
10 250 GTO 250 GTO is one of the best cars of the Ferrari favorite by beautiful design, technology inherited from racing cars and rare. 2013, a 250 GTO was auctioned for 38 million dollars, holds the record for most expensive car at an auction.
12 quick Ferrari of all time dep Photos 12
11. 250 GT California Spider: The 250 GT California Spider was the most expensive and the most famous in the history of Ferrari. The car used in Ferris Bueller’s Day movie Off 1986 with the famous actor John Hughes. Auction car is over 15 million. 250 GT California Spider uses a V12, 3.0-liter capacity and a capacity of 240 horsepower.
12 quick Ferrari of all time dep Photos 13
12. 458: Location ultimately belongs to 458, one of the best-loved Ferrari. 458 is the perfect blend of modern technology with the power and technique. 458 brings the V8, 4.5-liter capacity, a capacity of 570 horsepower. This is the best V8 engines that Ferrari has ever produced. Maybe 458 is the last vehicle used naturally aspirated engine that we can see.


Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest car manufacturer and the world’s most prestigious, star-shaped icon 3 wing with eye-catching designs have Mesmerized car all eyes right from the first glance. Currently Mercedes-Benz is a subsidiary owned by Daimler AG Group (formerly DaimlerChrysler AG Name). And like every automaker in the world, Mercedes-Benz also has specific naming of its products. Please send to our readers synthesis article 24 cars as well as the introduction of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Learn cars, Mercedes-Benz life – 1

Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG (W204)

Basically, Mercedes-Benz has 5 “Class” shall include: A, B, C, E and S. Letter size as the later, the larger the vehicle, the more luxurious and large engine capacities also follow. All current models are built on the core 5 lines “Class” is.

A-CLASS: The small cars (compact car) born from June 9/1993 and the first cars are arranged front wheel drive system according to the study A (Studie A) of company:

A-Class 3 generations:

generation 1 (W168) from 1997 to 2004

2nd generation (W169) from 2004 to 2012

3rd generation (W176) from 2012 – present

Read cars, life Mercedes-Benz – 2

Mercedes Benz A45 AMG (W176)

Learn cars, Mercedes-Benz life – 3

the latest generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class in 2019

B-CLASS: A small cars from Mercedes, A-Class Similar but slightly larger should be integrated with MPV cars (small family cars).

B-Class consists of 2 generations:
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Generation 1 (W245) from 2005 to 2011

2nd generation (W246) from 2011 – Present

Learn cars, life Mercedes-Benz – 4
C-CLASS: The sedan small luxurious born since 1993 to replace the generation W201 C-class sedan was the best-selling Mercedes-Benz. Currently, C-Class has entered into the fourth generation W205; Vehicles using engines like I4, V6 and V8. Along RWD drivetrain and 4Matic 4WD. Besides, C-class also includes many variations: Wagon, Convertible, Coupe. The high performance of the C-Class line includes names like C63 AMG.

C-Class consists of four generations:

Generation 1 (W202) from 1993 to 2000

generation 2 (W203) from 2000 to 2007

3rd generation (W204) from 2007 to 2014

4th generation (W205) from 2014 – Present

Learn cars, life Mercedes-Benz – 6

Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202)

Learn cars, life Mercedes-Benz – 7

Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205)

from line C-Class the Mercedes engineers have discovered further development of the branch anymore, as CL (Coupe leicht) – 2-door vehicle, or CLA (from may 4/2013), CLC (C-line sports), cLK (C Coupé, L leicht – light, K Kurz is – small, compact) – is understood as a shortened version, compact.

E-CLASS: is the first car line application of electronic fuel injection technology; German for “injection” is called “Einspritz” and the name “E-Class” also from that place. As of 2016, the E-class has let slip through 5th generation (W213). The previous period included W124 (1993-1995) W120 (1995-2002) W211 (2003-2009) and most recently the W212 (2009-2016).

Learn cars, Mercedes-Benz life – 8

Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124

Regarding the engine over time. E class using I4 engine, I6, V6 and V8. And similar drivetrain big brother S-class with 2 popular RWD drivetrain and 4Matic.

Apart from the sedan. E class there are variations like the Coupe, Convertible, Wagon. Similarly S class, high-performance version of the E class is E63 AMG.

E-Class includes 5 generations:

Generation 1 (W124) from 1993 to 1995

2nd generation (W210) from 1995 to 2002

3rd generation (W211) from 2002 to 2009

4th generation (W212) from 2009 to 2016

the first generation 5 (W213) from 2016 – Present

Learn cars, Mercedes-Benz life – 9

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2019

S-CLASS: the sedan segment especially the luxury of Mercedes was born in 1972. excluding the Maybach line, the S-Class is the pinnacle of Mercedes Benz. Most politicians, heads of state around the world are using the S-Class because of comfort, splendor and its lovely. S class is one of the vehicles using the first ABS braking system in the world (W116) 1978.

Learn cars, Mercedes-Benz life – 10

Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W116)

Regarding the engine, the S class is very diverse including I6 (Diesel) V6, V8, V12 (Gasoline). S class drivetrain is rear axle RWD or 4WD 4Matic system was introduced in the 4th generation (W220). S line from this, it also has other products, such as the SL = Sport-leicht (Sport line) or SLK = Sport-Leicht- Kurz (compact version).

S-Class consists of 6 generations:

Generation 1 (W116) from 1972 to 1980

2nd generation (W126) from 1979 to 1991

3rd generation (W140) from 1991 to 1998

4th generation (W220) from 1998 – 2005

5th generation (W221) from 2005 to 2013

6th generation (W222) from 2013 – Now.

Learn cars, Mercedes-Benz life – 11

Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W222)

Learn cars, Mercedes-Benz life – 12

Mercedes-Benz SL 2018

G-CLASS (Gelandewagen) is terrain vehicles, Vietnam its field. All Mercedes-Benz starting with G are default SUV. Although terrain vehicles the G-Class is equipped with amenities not lose


AUTOart selling car model
Lamborghini brand to supercar, is counterbalanced with Ferrari. So not too surprised when the “super cow” crowded out to eager enthusiasts. Do you know the car maker Lamborghini of water that does not? Join us to find answers immediately below slightly.

Things to know about the brand Lamborghini
car company Lamborghini of what country? Lamborghini is a brand of sports car of the Italian nation. And now, this car company under Volkswagen Group of Germany.

Ferruccio Lamborghini at the time was a millionaire with companies specialized in the production Lamborghini tractors. He lad a supercar enthusiasts and especially Ferrari. One day, his Ferrari car trouble clutch fault and can not be fixed, and Ferruccio sought to Enzo Ferrari (Ferrari boss) to complain. But he received the results too disappointed, when Enzo Ferrari said that its cars are perfect by saying no not cited official: “He is a mechanic pull it understood nothing about the cars can sport “. this statement was affecting the self-esteem of Ferruccio and Enzo Ferrari decided to know, how new is true supercar. Was it perhaps because, from design to operational features, are contrary Ferrari Lamborghini.

In 1963, the Lamborghini factory was born with a team of engineers first were the ones that former Ferrari was immediately reaped resounding success, the fierce competition for the cars hit the Ferrari of his time.

Ferrucio Lamborghini, has a passion for bullfighting aficionados with games, and this is also the reason for the logo image is a bull goring uncle.

The most expensive Lamborghini cars
of Lamborghini supercars there are limited edition, unique even. It was thus that the selling price of these vehicles into the millions of dollars.

-Veneno Roadster: Lamborghini only produces 9 units Veneno Roadster, and to win for the visitors was the company selected.

-Veneno: Spain means venom. Only produce 3 pcs. Veneno is equipped with 6,5l engine block V12, 740 horsepower capacity. For acceleration 0-100km / h in just 2.8 mere seconds.

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-Egoista: Egoista was introduced at the end time of the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini. And this car has only one seat.

-Sesto Elemento: Sesto Elemento 2001 was introduced at the Paris Auto Show. Clad in robes of future car design style as fighters quay service space universe.

-Aventador J: Production in 2012, based on the designs of basic Aventador. And especially Aventador J is just a single manufacturer. Vehicles equipped with 6.5 liter V12 engine, maximum speed 298 km / h.

-Reventon Roadster: Lamborghini production company has 21 “super cow” Reventon Roadster worldwide. Of which 20 were for sale, and 1 unit for display.

-Pregunta Concept: The car is shaped like a fighter in 1960. And you probably do not know this is the first production hypercar single time.

Results to own one of the “super cow” only in dreams only. But you can still realize the dream of myself with the static model Lamborghini cars. Come to the shop completely you can admire the car’s boot-shaped country to the beautiful design the most authentic, and especially the day also fit in the hand. Come with us to the realization of your dreams within us today.


LAMBORGHINI Aventador LP700-4

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 supercar is currently the most powerful Lamborghini ever produced. Engined V12 6,5L, maximum capacity 691Hp / 8250rpm, maximum torque 690NM / 5500rpm. Vehicle speed goes up to 100 km / h in 2,9s, can be called “flying like the wind.” Maximum speed of 350km announced / h on the track but the car had reached 370km / h. Fuel consumption in the city and highway respectively 21,4L and 13,8L / 100km. Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 with Porsche 911 Turbo S is the second of the 10 fastest cars the world has been distributed in Vietnam genuine


Price Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in the US from US $ 403 thousand, while in Vietnam about 26 billion VND.

LAMBORGHINI Aventador S 2018
New version of the Aventador name behind more S launched in January 3/2017. Lamborghini fans call assess positively Avetador S 2018 with new generation engine power increases up 730Hp. 7-speed automatic transmission comes ISR HALDEX 4WD drivetrain 4th generation Pretty much improved in design front lights, rear lights, the stamping is arranged veins and trenches more beautiful and improve only some wind resistance thanks to two side wind cavity. In Vietnam, according to the additional duty of the Ministry of Finance dated 09.10.2017, the Lamborghini Aventador S taxable value of at least 40 billion VND.


Price Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe car in Europe 2018: from 494 thousand dollars


Huracan LP610-4 blocks owns 5.2 liter V10 engine maximum power 610Hp and 560Nm peak torque. 7-speed automatic transmission. 2 Coupe and Spyder LP610-4 line


Furniture Huracan LP610-4


Price Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in the US ranges from 241 thousand USD for the Coupe, the Spyder 266 thousand dollars, while in Vietnam about 16-17 billion VND


Or are the people of Vietnam play Lamborghini supercar called cheap, Huracan LP580-2 engine block property 5.2-liter V10 engine for maximum power and torque of 580hp 540Nm maximum. Estimates in Vietnam has more than 10 vehicles were headed Huracan LP580-2.


cockpit full functionality


Price Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 cars in Europe ranges from US $ 196 thousand (157 thousand pounds), while in Vietnam about 14 billion VND


Huracan Performante ever debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 exhibition at this year’s event, continuing Lamborghini introduced the Spyder roadster Performante Huracan. Brothers Performante equipped 5,2L V10 naturally aspirated coupe sibling similar capacity of 640 hp at 8,000 rev / min, maximum torque of 600 Nm at 6,500 reached revolutions / minute, with over 70% of torque is generated at 1,000 rev / min. The latest models use Huracan Spyder Performante aerodynamic technology initiative Aerodinamica Lamborghini ATTIVA (ALA), refining electronic balance system, Anima systems, steering systems initiative (LDS). Vehicles can open the hood in the 17s it while running.


Price Performante Lamborghini Coupe: 277 885 USD

Lamborghini Spyder Performante Price: 300,000 USD


SUV Lamborghini’s first to debut in January 12/2017 both at home. Engine with a capacity of 650 hp (478kW) at 6.000v / min and maximum torque of 850nm at 2.250-4.500v / min, combined with 8-level automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive system, allowing the Urus acceleration 0-100km / h in 3.6 seconds; 0-200km / h in 12.8 seconds and 305km maximum speed / h. Ability deceleration 100km / h in 33.7 meters of the vehicle is 0. In addition, the Urus SUV ratio weight / capacity of the best at 3,38kg / hp. Expected Hybrid version of Urus will debut in 2018. Opponents of the Urus is waiting Range Rover Supercharged is the Mercedes AMG 4Matic GLS63 …

Ages 4.0 – All sectors are affected strongly by IT

CMCN 4.0 will take place on 3 main areas include Digital, Biotechnology and Physics (According to Klaus Schwab).

Digital in CMCN 4.0 will include: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Everything connected – Internet of Things (IoT) and large data (Big Data). With the emergence of artificial intelligence robots have brought many applications in society. Accordingly, the real world that we know, from people, cars, houses, properties, companies, in the industrial revolution for the fourth time will switch to the digital world. There will be “a copy of the real world” on the digital world. World number also potentially leak information, which poses a challenge of information security.

In the field of biotechnology, CMCN 4.0 IT to focus on using research to create the achievements in environmental protection, renewable energy …. IT pros with Vietnam batch system can help save costs compared with current conventional methods. For example, medicine to artificial intelligence also formed “doctor plucking” the ability to remember and millions diagnostic medical record.

In the field of physics with new-generation robots, 3D printers, self-driving cars, the new material (graphene, skyrmions …) and nanotechnology. Generation unmanned vehicles will be developed to ensure the safety of many times higher because there is no drunk beer, red light, sped beyond Europe.

It can be seen, the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the powerful impact of IT, will create leap in all areas & all industries and changed the economic sectors.
Hình ảnh có liên quan
4.0 times – IT Learning is the advantage!

During the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the factors that the developing countries (Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, ….) Is proud to be dominant as workforce young, abundant will not be strong moreover may soon be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI). In the future, the workforce in all fields may lose their jobs by robotic technology can impact on all the sectors of textile, services and entertainment to healthcare, transportation, education … Therefore, it is good times for students of information technology: Programming, network Administration, Security, .. demonstrate knowledge, skill and bravery in the new era – the time University 4.0.

“The demand for IT manpower recruitment highest in history” was the verdict of VietnamWorks (Recruitment Website in Vietnam). As predicted by Top Dev, 2020, Vietnam will need manpower sector 1,000,000 IT. More than 90% of employers surveyed also shared, they are struggling to recruit and retain IT staff good.

It can be seen, the IT industry is a “promised land” with job opportunities open and attractive salary (starting at $ 400 – by CareerOne). Therefore IT learning in the present time is the advantage.

But the existence of the fact that: In order to keep pace with the current trend of 4.0, the training of a new generation of IT-ers with good professional skills after graduation is an unsolvable problem. Force IT industry in Vietnam is lacking in quantity but also the number of human “nature” is not too much. This makes capital industry from previously “soft” human now even “soft” over.

The industrial revolution 4.0

The first industrial revolution in the world took place in the 18th century, when the workers using steam and machinery in production to replace human power. Then electricity is born, is used in the production line and the production model of large scale, is the source of the 2nd revolution in the 1970s when computers came into being, this creates a series of changes in how people process information, automation using robots, this is the 3rd revolution.

Currently, we are engaged in the industrial revolution 4th, also known as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0). This revolution created the environment in which computers, automation and people will work together in ways entirely new. Here, robots and machines will be connected to the computer system, the system will use algorithms to control without human intervention.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 will take place like?

CMCN 4.0 will take place on 3 main areas include biotechnology, Digital and Physical. In particular, the core elements of Digital will be: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Everything connected – Internet of Things (IoT) and large data (Big Data).

In the field of biotechnology, CMCN 4.0 focused research to create breakthroughs in agriculture, aquaculture, medicine, food processing, environmental protection, energy of renewable chemicals and materials data, along with the physical sector new generation robots, 3D printers, self-driving cars, new materials and nanotechnology.

Currently, CMCN 4.0 taking place in the developed countries like the US, Europe, part of Asia. Besides the new opportunities, in the process of implementing CMCN 4.0, countries are also faced with many barriers.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho công nghệ 4.0
Opportunities and challenges when implementing CMCN 4.0

Applying technological innovations will help the manufacturing process faster, less manpower and data collection more complete. Product quality is assured by control from the stage of raw materials until the picture and go to consumers. Moreover, people will not directly work in dangerous working environments, reduce mortality, morbidity during labor.

However, many workers will lose their jobs by machinery replaced. Enterprises also have difficulty in recruiting human resources meet the requirements of the job. This can lead to inequality, even break the labor market. Also, CMCN 4.0 requires businesses to change. To survive and develop, they have to invest and upgrade technology at the same time improving the quality of personnel.

Economic instability will lead to instability of life, even politics. The new technology will result in a change of power, security concerns, increasing wealth gap.

Besides, changes in the way of communication on the Internet also poses challenges for information security for both individual systems and humans. We have to do to secure the data everywhere and regularly exchanged between systems.

In summary, CMCN 4.0 will affect a lot to the economy of a country, which gives us many opportunities but also numerous challenges and difficulties.

The popular mobile phone brand: Vertu, Mobiado, Apple, Sam Sung, Oppo , Sony , Nokia , Iphone X Xs

Vertu is the luxury brand famous phone by Nokia established in 1998.

The idea to establish the brand Vertu rooted Frank Nuovo, chief designer Nokia, the mobile phone Nuovo’d also like a kind jewelry for users. If the user can spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a watch or a jewelry certain things, why can not spend the same amount to buy a mobile phone? Therefore Vertu was launched to target customers are successful businessmen want to show class.

Apple (Iphone)

Apple (Iphone) are trademarks of American popular phones by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne co-founded Apple in 1976. In addition there is a computer technology corporation famous.

Apple always has a habit of making new technology before the entire industry and others to recognize and follow.

Apple introduced the iPhone in January 6/2007, opening the smartphone revolution changed the way people work and socialize, and great influence to the other industries from music to business hotels . 10 years later, the iPhone became one of the best-selling product history with 1.3 billion devices, generating more than $ 800 billion in revenue.

Unlike other carriers are always many different product lines Apple only a single phone line is the Iphone but sales ranked second in the world (after Samsung).
Kết quả hình ảnh cho iphone XS
Phone IPhone users are attracted by the beautiful design and luxurious colors. In fairness, the appearance of the iPhone has always led the trend of design compared with the average current telephone from using aluminum unibody with cut diamond (diamond-cut_ or application plastic strips on dorsum to avoid interference … the design is extremely elegant, accurate to the smallest detail, along with the use of color is very sensible of the iPhone always makes this product stand out and have a very smoking is hard to resist.

Samsung is a renowned mobile phone brand in Korea, founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938, started as a small trading company.

If Apple’s iPhone line into lemon are known but not everyone can afford to buy, the Samsung do better at this stage. Manufacturer from Korea has launched three smartphone segment; cheap, medium and high, to hit all tastes and pocketbooks of consumers.

Maybe some of you do not know, the smartphone sales in 2015 reached a record level of 1.43 billion devices. In particular, Samsung continues to lead the smartphone market in the last year was 324.8 million as consumer products, up 2.1% compared to 2014 and accounted for 22.7% of global smartphone market – research firm market research IDC said.

Perfect quality high-end smartphone from Samsung currently not inferior to Apple’s iPhone, has just come from the price reasonable and OS platform only.


Nokia is a renowned mobile phone brand from Finland, so engineers founder Fredrik Idestam beginning in 1865 with a paper processing plant wood industry.

In 1987, Nokia launched Mobira Cityman 900 handset, the handset is able to move the world first.

The phone weighs 800 grams and can cost up to 5999 USD and once former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev used to make a call from Helsinki to communications minister in Moscow, Russia. This event makes Mobira Cityman placed nicknamed “GORBA”

Over time, Nokia gradually changing and perfecting their products. By 1992, Nokia introduced the Nokia 1011, the first GSM handset in the world


Oppo phones are famous brand in China, was established in 2004. Oppo famous for electronic devices such as hearing music, LCD TV, DVD player, Bruray and smartphones.

2013, launched phones Oppo Find 5 is equipped with Full HD 5inch screen, 441ppi, the 13MP camera technology applications Stacked CMOS Sony advanced. A special feature of this handset is the first smartphone powered hardware HDR, and many modern technology features such as Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core APQ8064 1.5GHz, Adreno 320, Dirac HD and Dolby Mobile 3.0 for sound quality, vivid images. In addition, this model also supports wireless connectivity NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi-Display, DLNA …

Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality – VR)

The VR application takes you into a new world, a virtual world completely and then almost anything you no longer aware of the real world around him anymore. For example, you will be included in a future space station in 2069, where you will go to the spacecraft, flying among the stars. Another example: you will be brought about prehistoric dinosaurs roam together, touch them, flying between the volcano with the primeval forests covered below. Everything you see is the scene entirely by computer or mobile phone based should, nothing is real at all.

Characteristics of virtual reality that is fusions (immersive). This term describes your feeling when introduced into the world of VR: you feel the world that there is no truth, you see all the objects in it or not, you feel like you are living in a completely new space or not. The integration of this part from the virtual reality glasses will be covered out of eye sight so you will not see anything in real life at all.

Additionally, VR must also create a comfort for you to use as you will move the head a lot, if the device to track the movement of the head is not good enough and the software processing is not fast enough, you will be deflected what we really see and feel what the brain, creating a feeling of discomfort and even fatigue, headache, so sad. This is the problem that many products acquired early VR. Today, it no longer exists. Oculus Rift products like Google Cardboard or have solved this problem.

Virtual reality technology has since the 1990’s that time, the family home around the world talking about the making of the large VR but most have failed for various reasons: the computer’s processing power not strong enough, not many communities, expensive, not good experience (this is the biggest reason). Nintendo, extremely familiar names, has also launched a device called the Virtual Boy in 1995. You will not on the table to play games in virtual reality glasses, $ 175, but by the end the year it was discontinued sold for a poor experience, not comfortable, not full color image.

Augmented reality (Augmented Reality – AR)

I’m not sure this phrase translated into Vietnamese as “augmented reality” that is 100% true or not, but tried hard but still have not found an official from the so-called so slightly. AR focused on combining the real world with virtual information, not rip you a private space such as VR. AR will also allow you to interact with virtual content even in real life, can be touched, can be coated onto the image …
Kết quả hình ảnh cho VR
The most obvious example: the game Pokemon Go. It is a game on smartphones, obviously virtual. But your coordinates in your game is your coordinates in real life, a map in the game is the city map where you are, and the station PokeStop you stopped to retrieve items are the places that have so right in your own city. The combination of virtual reality and so is AR. In addition, Nokia City Lens app before with visibility bars, restaurants, shopping centers and landmarks on camera images are also AR.
Up to the present time, the technology is popular AR than VR, especially after the Pokemon Go. AR can spend your handset right to run, because most phones now have camera sensors as well as strong enough to be aware of your outside world. Facebook CEO also believes that the smartphone will be put AR tools to everyone at the time of the original rather complex devices like HoloLens. Let’s look at how the Pokemon Go AR is used, not that a boom or what?

Meanwhile, VR by requiring dedicated hardware so we can not thrive as AR. At least you’ll need a virtual reality glasses, whether cheap or questions they still have to go buy. For a better experience, you’ll need to add a certain form of the handle, the handle can be gaming or devices being developed separately. At about cheap, Google Cardboard glasses only cost $ 10-15 only. Even higher, more genuine, more pictures, more features have Oculus Rift is $ 600 or $ 800 Pre HTC Vive. In addition, these glasses or Vive Rift longer requires a computer must have strong configuration, which not everyone can easily afford.

AR and VR actually not rivals. Each with its own application but the other is not able to do, so they will still exist parallel. But at the present time, the AR will grow faster in terms of trade and the level of popularity, while VR will have to wait for a time when costs are falling and the device can approach more easily with people used to be able to appear for mass.


Technology like the Internet because it blockchain have a powerful built. By storing the same information block on its network, blockchain impossible:

Being controlled by any one entity does
not have shortcomings, single error.
Bitcoin was released in 2008, since then, Bitcoin is operated blockchain, operating without significant interruption. To this, any problem related to Bitcoin is due to hacking or mismanagement. In other words, these problems come from bad intentions and human error, not the flaws of Bitcoin itself.

The Internet has proven to be reliable in almost 30 years. This is good for a track record of technology blockchain as it continues to be developed.

Transparent and can not be broken
Blockchain networks exist in the status of the agreement, automatically check every 10 minutes. A kind of self-control ecosystem digital value, the network will air every transaction that occurs in about 10 minutes. Each transaction groups are called blocks. Two important characteristics to be drawn from this:

Transparency: Data embedded in the network as a bloc, openly.
It can not be broken: When you change any information on units blockchain means using a large computer to overwrite the entire network.
In theory, this could happen. In fact, it did not happen. For example, the control system to take Bitcoin will cause its value is destroyed.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho blockchain
A network of nodes
A network of compute nodes forming blockchain. Buttons here are computers connected to the network blockchain, use the client to perform the task confirmation and forward transactions. Button will receive a copy of blockchain, loaded automatically when participating blockchain.

These buttons together to create a strong supply network 2, a completely different perspective of how the Internet can operate. Each node is an “administrator” of the network blockchain and automatically join the network, the motivation for this involvement is the chance to win a Bitcoin.

Also known as the peach button Bitcoin, but this term has little confused. In fact, everyone is competing for Bitcoins by solving the puzzles. Bitcoin is the “raison d’être” of blockchain since it was formed. Bitcoin is only recognized as a very small part of the potential of technology blockchain.

700 digital currency Bitcoin is similar, there are also many variations of the original concept blockchain currently operating or under development.

The idea of decentralization
By design, blockchain a decentralized technology. Whatever happened on that are functions of the network. Some important suggestions derived from this. Thanks to create new ways to confirm the transaction which the commercial aspects of tradition can become unnecessary. Such as those traded on the stock market can perform simultaneously on blockchain, or can store documents like the red book, totally public. And decentralization has become a reality.

Global computer networks use technology to the management blockchain database, records of Bitcoin transactions. Ie, Bitcoin is managed by its network and no one is the center of both. Decentralization means the network operates on the basis of user or P2P. The collective forms of cooperation can be done just beginning to be studied.

Enhanced security
Thanks to data storage on your network, blockchain eliminate risks associated with data to be centrally organized. Its network has no vulnerable points. Meanwhile, the issue of security over the Internet, is becoming increasingly complex. We all rely on the system username / password to protect their identity and their assets on the network, but the system still more likely broken. Privacy blockchain method uses encryption technology with the key pair public / private. The public key (a long string of random numbers) is the address of a user on blockchain. Bitcoin sent over the network will be noted that the address belongs. Private courses like passwords, allows owners access to Bitcoin or other digital assets. Storing data on blockchain and it will not be damaged. This is true,

Blockchain can be used where?
This list is taken from the article “What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners” on, I have omitted some as too long and confusing, here’s what remains:

smart contract
the split ledger that allows encryption of simple contract, will be executed when certain conditions are met. Ethereum is an open source project blockchain, built specifically to meet this requirement. However, in the early stages of development, Ethereum have the potential to take advantage of blockchain on a larger scale as th