Ages 4.0 – All sectors are affected strongly by IT

CMCN 4.0 will take place on 3 main areas include Digital, Biotechnology and Physics (According to Klaus Schwab).

Digital in CMCN 4.0 will include: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Everything connected – Internet of Things (IoT) and large data (Big Data). With the emergence of artificial intelligence robots have brought many applications in society. Accordingly, the real world that we know, from people, cars, houses, properties, companies, in the industrial revolution for the fourth time will switch to the digital world. There will be “a copy of the real world” on the digital world. World number also potentially leak information, which poses a challenge of information security.

In the field of biotechnology, CMCN 4.0 IT to focus on using research to create the achievements in environmental protection, renewable energy …. IT pros with Vietnam batch system can help save costs compared with current conventional methods. For example, medicine to artificial intelligence also formed “doctor plucking” the ability to remember and millions diagnostic medical record.

In the field of physics with new-generation robots, 3D printers, self-driving cars, the new material (graphene, skyrmions …) and nanotechnology. Generation unmanned vehicles will be developed to ensure the safety of many times higher because there is no drunk beer, red light, sped beyond Europe.

It can be seen, the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the powerful impact of IT, will create leap in all areas & all industries and changed the economic sectors.
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4.0 times – IT Learning is the advantage!

During the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the factors that the developing countries (Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, ….) Is proud to be dominant as workforce young, abundant will not be strong moreover may soon be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI). In the future, the workforce in all fields may lose their jobs by robotic technology can impact on all the sectors of textile, services and entertainment to healthcare, transportation, education … Therefore, it is good times for students of information technology: Programming, network Administration, Security, .. demonstrate knowledge, skill and bravery in the new era – the time University 4.0.

“The demand for IT manpower recruitment highest in history” was the verdict of VietnamWorks (Recruitment Website in Vietnam). As predicted by Top Dev, 2020, Vietnam will need manpower sector 1,000,000 IT. More than 90% of employers surveyed also shared, they are struggling to recruit and retain IT staff good.

It can be seen, the IT industry is a “promised land” with job opportunities open and attractive salary (starting at $ 400 – by CareerOne). Therefore IT learning in the present time is the advantage.

But the existence of the fact that: In order to keep pace with the current trend of 4.0, the training of a new generation of IT-ers with good professional skills after graduation is an unsolvable problem. Force IT industry in Vietnam is lacking in quantity but also the number of human “nature” is not too much. This makes capital industry from previously “soft” human now even “soft” over.

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