Application of cloud computing

has had a lot of businesses post their applications on the Internet and are embellished a lot of new features through the web browser. The most recent evidence is the emergence of Chrome OS, an operating system and application interfaces with full right in the web browser. Sooner or later, you will be able to connect to any application just with the passage of the web browser on your PC. 

The algorithm then clouds any different?

Can you read still do not understand what Cloud Computing is and we can simplify as follows. Each company often run applications directly on their own servers. These servers are located in the right position the company. That requires a lot of effort in maintenance, maintenance, money and time to keep things constantly be running, upgrades and guaranteed.

If the enterprise application cloud computing, they will still use the same applications, but they are located in the cluster of servers on the Internet. Businesses simply connect via the Internet without having to take some effort to maintain, maintenance, upgrade and run the server. Moreover, businesses can give their customers using applications that do not have to install. All very simple. Said one short, Cloud Computing allows companies to sell more services in one package new and more attractive.

If an employee, do you ever think that you are doing the company will use Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office or Open Office does not? This trend is growing strongly because to do so, users (businesses) are not losing money to buy, no need to install. But what if your company wants to provide service to others? You will be able to leverage the power of cloud computing by creating applications on the Internet with resources from the “big” as the Google App Engine, Windows Azure Microsoft, Amazon EC2’s framework.
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Most of these services are charged based on the amount by resource use. So your application only be charged by the proper amount of CPU and bandwidth usage. Hope the article has helped you kind of imagine the concept and operation of cloud computing principles. In the following article, we will look at specific applications of this promising technology.

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