Basic knowledge to use CentOS

With the new you begins to get familiar with using CentOS on the VPS, then it will be very difficult with the huge difference between using the command line interface of the Linux operating system with the habit of using the operating system has a graphical interface such as Windows , Mac. Today, the VHW presenting basic information necessary for you to work on CentOS after installing them on VPS

Is the main interface of the CentOS operating system, as well as other Linux OS like Ubuntu, Fedora, … Unlike the Windows graphical interface, where you use a cursor to perform these tasks, then in a command line interface CLI-Command Line Interface you use commands (Bash) to perform the task.

With the Linux OS, this command is called the Linux command, there will not be much different when used in CentOS OS with Ubuntu, Fedora …

For example, to enter a subdirectory, you would type the command opens the directory (cd) cd/path/message _ item _ destination … or want to create a new folder I type: mkdir tên_folder_m is new ….
To manipulate the content editing file in CentOS, we must use the Editor (Text Editor), default in CentOS available Vim (or Vi) Editor, every time you want to edit the content of a file (use this when VPS running CentOS , Ubuntu … we will do quite often).
Kết quả hình ảnh cho centos
For example: want to open the file named nginx. conf in nginx (subfolder of the folder etc) we type the following command: vi/etc/nginx/nginx.conf

In the Text Editor, also has 2 working modes (mode):

Command Mode: in this mode you can move the cursor to a location in the file, execute commands copy/paste, delete, or save the file commands/shortcuts don’t save files … etc.
Insert Mode: this is the write/edit mode, i.e. you need to write the add/edit content, they must switch to Insert Mode recently.
With every Text Editor, switching between the two modes have different so when you select the Editor to use then to remember how its done. By default you will use Vim/en is available, or can the other Editor (Nano is most popular)

See the tutorial using the Nano Editor, Vi Editor below

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