BMW is the country:
First BMW of Germany. Founded March 7, 1916 and March 22, 1929 the first BMW car was born. Ranked No. 3 out of 10 automotive brands in the world values. The brand is associated with the image of luxury cars, comes with performance and price stability does not come cheap.

BMW Germany was created

BMW Germany produces

But for auto dealers and automotive players for years. German cars are usually less stable assessment of the Japanese carmakers. In return the German car often equipped with the latest proactive technologies. Therefore, should a majority of BMW buyers are people a lot of money and only use about 3 years is changing new car.

What is BMW or BMW stands from what you know not:
BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG from the German word meaning this is the Group’s Vietnamese motorcycles and cars of Bavaria. Since BMW Headquarters Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Website

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke from

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke from
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So read what is BMW:
BMW: bey-em-vey. According to German, the letter W, then read the English Civil V. pronounced Bee Em-double-u. But according to Vietnamese readers are Bim offline. But which is the best standard bey-em-vey mentioned already.

BMW you can read the page matte calf

BMW you can read the page matte calf

Logo BMW to date is still debate about its true meaning
There are people that bmw logo was inspired by the propeller of the aircraft is running. And turn from fine to let you know of the BMW engine is the creator predecessor Franz Josef Popp was the engine for this aircraft after the end of the war he moved to make engines for cars.

Get ideas logo bmw picture propeller airplane running

inspired logo bmw picture propeller airplane running

while others relate logo BMW is very similar to the flag of Bavaria – where production of the company’s vehicles. Because white and blue colors on the flag are two of Bavaria.

Logo design history and the flag of Bavaria BMW

Logo BMW over time and the color of the flag of Bavaria in tune

There are two explanations for the meaning of the BMW logo you like to think in a way also because until now still no one knows where is the best explanation for the meaning bmw logo. Funny is not it true you.

Cars bmw
Series BMW are many people interested in especially the Vietnam favored the rich. The average price of BMW cars in Vietnam usually from 2 billion or more, and only those with high or very high incomes have conditions to own a BMW car.

BMW 320i car is popular car line that is widely used in Vietnam believe sedan, if it comes to the BMW X5 SUV is also the line is many users as possible.

Here are the models BMW:

Series BMW in the world and in Vietnam

Series BMW in the world and in Vietnam 1

BMW cars in the world and in Vietnam 2

kilometers distribution of BMW in Vietnam also very arduous.
Not smooth like other car manufacturers BMW had changed hands three times since 1992. First, since the first love is VMC automotive joint venture partner Peace through the Philippines. VMC assigned that day assembling two main lines of 3 series and 5 series

at that time the economic difficulties outdated technology leads to production assembly and sold not much. VMC is not much moves to improve and upgrade the infrastructure tang.Hon mere 10 years sold only 1000 units.

Policy until 2000 automotive industry Vietnam requires localization rate of 40% and no longer meets VMC afford only by assembly welding lines framing the small details and tires. Car also does not meet the operating conditions, what must also come to stop cooperation with VMC BMW.

2nd affinity belong Euro Auto in January 7/2007. Euro Auto became the main importer of BMW in Vietnam ie. Can see very focused BMW Euro Auto is not only proof of import, distribution, but also to open assembly plants.

Regrettably barrier papers of Euro Auto dreams can not come true. But under the older BMW Euto Auto popularity and become rivals with a lot of other manufacturers like Audi, Mec.

According to statistics in 2015 sales of 1,800 units in 1400 which is also the car BMW Mini and Motorrad Bmw. Estimated revenue 2,500 billion is impressive. But in 2016 a series of mistakes import, sale and purchase contract document and prosecuted. One year later terminated 12/9 affair between BMW and Auto.

The name is mentioned in the first days of 2018 was Changhai. According to some experts Changhai would be the best distributor for BMW at this time. But Truong Hai will have changed quite a lot from selling administrator because BMW is a luxury car is much different than the other lines.

When the price of a BMW Changhai hands than halved billion. For consumers there are so many mixed opinions when choosing Changhai fearing car will lose the luxury car class.

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