Cloud Computing Trends

rend four, security holes are in the cloud.

These security vulnerabilities are increasing. A crime committed by a person in the resource center violated US data tracking until June 30, 2017, reaching a record 791 in half a year, a substantial increase compared with the US 29% in 2016. ITRC predicts that at this point, an increase of 37% a year can be violated in 2016 2017.

No surprise is that security continues to be a solution and technology for a problem. Violating data bank’s credit reporting Equifax leads to millions of individuals, including sensitive people’s name, social security number, date of birth, number, driver’s license and credit card. The violation of banks is also common, mainly due to the use of vulnerable people who have opened the leaf bank.

Google has made some key safety measures and safe FOB. They log in to the device including the program verification FOB price is the two step. This involves sending the password to your smartphone in M. T fix your password to the security of your account.

Gartner predicts that the cost of information security will reach 9 billion 300 million dollars in the whole world, 86,4 IDC billion from 1996 to 2018, and 2017 global income is expected to reach 101,6 billion in security technology to 2020.

These security issues will continue to be the mainstream year to 2018, which means that we will see that many network security companies will choose safer new clouds.

In order to succeed in the cloud, CNTT and security teams need to seize a new mode of activity. This is the new start. The company concentrates on lacework. Through automation, speed and integration. Cloud service security, the company redefined the key to the success of cloud security. Online watch CSO deep lacework to solve this summer (software security first, 2017, contrasting the works of human attacks hidden in the data center and cloud chaos).

Hình ảnh có liên quan

5. Internet trends are (5 iodine) and cloud.

Most devices are based on iodine cloud, especially when devices are connected. Iodine is used as a connecting device, household appliances, cars, electronics, to the last cloud based transport and storage of media information. Cloud backup device, when we see a lot of equipment production and sale of iodine, the use of cloud will continue to increase.

6. Trend six – Computer phones without servers will bring many situations to use and use.

Serverless cloud computing allows developers to build and run application services without fear that management / operation will increase the use of cloud and cloud in V. I C management does not have any infrastructure, and serverless cloud computing efficiency is also improved by allowing developers to connect and extend service cloud to easy to solve applications and more. Their ng is used together. Cloud computing serverless requires less time and effort, simplifies work and releases new updates.

7. Trend seven – calculate the rise of the edge.

Edge or computer processing, data processing in the edge network optimization cloud computing, will also increase. The consequence is to increase the use of network connection devices. Edge enhancement is necessary because it will be required to run real-time traffic access in service in 2018, because it provides streamlines iodine and data analysis and real-time pH access from the device. Analysis.

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