Examples of cloud computing 

Currently, the company provides services of cloud computing is divided into three major categories as follows: 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): 
Infrastructure as a Service means “Infrastructure is provided as a service “. According to Amazon, it is the most basic level of the cloud, and often services IaaS will sell you things on the network, the computer (virtual machine or physical computer as needed), as well as storage data. More specifically, you can rent a “server on the cloud” with CPU, RAM, hard drive (SSD or HDD) according to need. Okay, so you already have a server, and the server located in the center about which data, including how much the air conditioning to cool it, it’s network spend public telecommunications services … then you do not concern anymore. You already have the server, on which users only.

Amazon Web Services or service DigitalOcean are typical for this type of IaaS. You will to select the server, then automatically you must select and install an operating system, finished the need to install other software needed for their application. If you want to spend that server for the site must install the related software to the web server, want to spend that server as the database, then install the database on, want to spend that server to game Pikachu then set yourself to the game: D (of course say for fun, but no one went to play games on it at all).

Thus, IaaS is not designed for end users, which is mainly for people who want a place to deploy their software, can be a programmer, a company, or a unit for web publishing such term. Now you call yourself doing things that many of IaaS just to have a place to save the file, you do not? Certainly not. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS) 

PaaS help you ignore the complexity or hassle to themselves manage their infrastructure (often related to hardware and operating system). If you rent a PaaS service, you just need to focus on the deployment of their software on it and started running. Thanks to that you do not have to worry PaaS Windows update for your server whenever a patch, not manage the RAM, CPU, not the planning of resources …

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Another example of PaaS is that the web host services. It will prepare everything for you from the server, software, database until the connection port. You just put your files * .html up and running. If you have a database, the data is written in and spend immediately. In models PaaS is then controlled by you with the server is limited to a lot, and then a server will usually be shared between multiple users PaaS together to save costs (ie buy your service cheaper). 

Software as a Service (SaaS):

This is the highest top in the classification scheme of cloud services. It is a perfect product to be operated and managed by a provider. And said simply, in most cases, people use SaaS to talk about software, applications can be used immediately by the end user. 

A very common example of SaaS is Web-based email services, such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail, for example. It is a complete product, you can immediately spend to send and receive mail without having to set up a server to manage mail, not establish an Internet connection to that server, nor should organize management using anything.

Similarly, onedrive, Dropbox is SaaS. Software (or website) gives you all the features you need, you’re not going to buy the hard drive and settings from the operating system for the network connection. Google Docs or Microsoft Online is SaaS, you can jump right in and start typing the text or create presentations without the need to install additional software, regardless of copyright. Evernote, OneNote, Wunderlist, Google Keep well as cloud services that SaaS format. SAP offers business management solutions online, some companies are providing accounting solutions and production management right from the browser, also are SaaS.

In all three forms of cloud computing, the second “instant noodles” is the most SaaS, and also so that this type is very easily accessible to the end users because they do not know anything much about the technical machine calculation can also use it. SaaS also free things to attract customers rather than what is charged. Dropbox, Gmail still free things there. Of course, users SaaS will not have any control with the infrastructure below. Where you are allowed to edit anything related to Gmail or Dropbox server anywhere.

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