Impact of cloud computing

The biggest advantage is the cost savings of cloud computing. Now, we have analyzed this aspect, perhaps not to say more, mainly to reduce costs, investment costs, and start buying hardware, software and maintenance costs to enable them to install. M servers operate more space and daily expenses and hire people to see more.

You can quickly and easily use one thing without installing complex tasks. You can quickly access all of them, almost without relying on hardware, software or What is it? If you use traditional disk storage and forget at home, how can you put data? When Dropbox is just the download file on the web page, it is necessary, or like Gmail, you can quickly borrow your friend’s laptop to check the complicated account of the e-mail account. There is no need to look ahead. Just like Google documents, you just need to open the browser and input, no need to install the office of the Department.

Next is the security and continuous HDD leaving your hard disk, a bad one called white data, unless you want to copy data two drives per day at the same time. At the same time, your data will be in Dropbox, onedrive C It has higher security. If the hard disk is damaged, the data on the back will continue to continue. Friends can continue to use it as normal. I don’t want to say that it is very safe, because there are still risks, the company put cloud storage data center or burned, or worse, the movie 2012 doomsday like point, but at least this low risk probability than yourself. HDD is a lot.

Confidential data can also be seen as a time of interest, flower cloud. You make a laptop with sensitive data or a company image sensitive girl, just like the loss of death will be very large. At the same time, if you save something, if the cloud on your laptop just loses a hard disk, data is still secure on the internet account. If you don’t have your password, no one can. Play there.

4. Some restrictions on Cloud Computing

Everything has two sides and interests. If almost everything in the cloud needs network connections, if connected or slowly blurred, this is very common. In Vietnam, the use of services will R B: it’s hard to break. Remember when my sea cable is waiting forever, the new Dropbox uploads will have to wait a long time for the new project of Google Drive synchronous file, instead of opening Gmail to spend three to five minutes. H company, which means they will spend more time downloading the cloud application, and the loss may be very serious. Suppose that many customers in a store can not run to the guest to die?

Hình ảnh có liên quan

This is why many cloud services provide the option to save part or all data on computers, which is usually referred to as not being saved here. Dropbox, onedrive, Google Drive also have permission to include synchronous files on your computer, and you can still work normally, open or access them even without the Internet. When there is a network, synchronization. Like Evernote, you can even walk in the street and enter your records with your cell phone. When you have Wi-Fi, pay attention to the cloud.

The second is privacy. Do you have enough trust in Evernote to save all the data? Do you believe that Gmail email keeps all the important jobs, just a letter that can be leaked, or can you lose your company? You have enough trust in an accounting software to store all the books online with friends.

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