Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest car manufacturer and the world’s most prestigious, star-shaped icon 3 wing with eye-catching designs have Mesmerized car all eyes right from the first glance. Currently Mercedes-Benz is a subsidiary owned by Daimler AG Group (formerly DaimlerChrysler AG Name). And like every automaker in the world, Mercedes-Benz also has specific naming of its products. Please send to our readers synthesis article 24 cars as well as the introduction of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG (W204)

Basically, Mercedes-Benz has 5 “Class” shall include: A, B, C, E and S. Letter size as the later, the larger the vehicle, the more luxurious and large engine capacities also follow. All current models are built on the core 5 lines “Class” is.

A-CLASS: The small cars (compact car) born from June 9/1993 and the first cars are arranged front wheel drive system according to the study A (Studie A) of company:

A-Class 3 generations:

generation 1 (W168) from 1997 to 2004

2nd generation (W169) from 2004 to 2012

3rd generation (W176) from 2012 – present

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Mercedes Benz A45 AMG (W176)

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the latest generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class in 2019

B-CLASS: A small cars from Mercedes, A-Class Similar but slightly larger should be integrated with MPV cars (small family cars).

B-Class consists of 2 generations:
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Generation 1 (W245) from 2005 to 2011

2nd generation (W246) from 2011 – Present

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C-CLASS: The sedan small luxurious born since 1993 to replace the generation W201 C-class sedan was the best-selling Mercedes-Benz. Currently, C-Class has entered into the fourth generation W205; Vehicles using engines like I4, V6 and V8. Along RWD drivetrain and 4Matic 4WD. Besides, C-class also includes many variations: Wagon, Convertible, Coupe. The high performance of the C-Class line includes names like C63 AMG.

C-Class consists of four generations:

Generation 1 (W202) from 1993 to 2000

generation 2 (W203) from 2000 to 2007

3rd generation (W204) from 2007 to 2014

4th generation (W205) from 2014 – Present

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202)

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205)

from line C-Class the Mercedes engineers have discovered further development of the branch anymore, as CL (Coupe leicht) – 2-door vehicle, or CLA (from may 4/2013), CLC (C-line sports), cLK (C Coupé, L leicht – light, K Kurz is – small, compact) – is understood as a shortened version, compact.

E-CLASS: is the first car line application of electronic fuel injection technology; German for “injection” is called “Einspritz” and the name “E-Class” also from that place. As of 2016, the E-class has let slip through 5th generation (W213). The previous period included W124 (1993-1995) W120 (1995-2002) W211 (2003-2009) and most recently the W212 (2009-2016).

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124

Regarding the engine over time. E class using I4 engine, I6, V6 and V8. And similar drivetrain big brother S-class with 2 popular RWD drivetrain and 4Matic.

Apart from the sedan. E class there are variations like the Coupe, Convertible, Wagon. Similarly S class, high-performance version of the E class is E63 AMG.

E-Class includes 5 generations:

Generation 1 (W124) from 1993 to 1995

2nd generation (W210) from 1995 to 2002

3rd generation (W211) from 2002 to 2009

4th generation (W212) from 2009 to 2016

the first generation 5 (W213) from 2016 – Present

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2019

S-CLASS: the sedan segment especially the luxury of Mercedes was born in 1972. excluding the Maybach line, the S-Class is the pinnacle of Mercedes Benz. Most politicians, heads of state around the world are using the S-Class because of comfort, splendor and its lovely. S class is one of the vehicles using the first ABS braking system in the world (W116) 1978.

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W116)

Regarding the engine, the S class is very diverse including I6 (Diesel) V6, V8, V12 (Gasoline). S class drivetrain is rear axle RWD or 4WD 4Matic system was introduced in the 4th generation (W220). S line from this, it also has other products, such as the SL = Sport-leicht (Sport line) or SLK = Sport-Leicht- Kurz (compact version).

S-Class consists of 6 generations:

Generation 1 (W116) from 1972 to 1980

2nd generation (W126) from 1979 to 1991

3rd generation (W140) from 1991 to 1998

4th generation (W220) from 1998 – 2005

5th generation (W221) from 2005 to 2013

6th generation (W222) from 2013 – Now.

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W222)

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Mercedes-Benz SL 2018

G-CLASS (Gelandewagen) is terrain vehicles, Vietnam its field. All Mercedes-Benz starting with G are default SUV. Although terrain vehicles the G-Class is equipped with amenities not lose

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