The industrial revolution 4.0

The first industrial revolution in the world took place in the 18th century, when the workers using steam and machinery in production to replace human power. Then electricity is born, is used in the production line and the production model of large scale, is the source of the 2nd revolution in the 1970s when computers came into being, this creates a series of changes in how people process information, automation using robots, this is the 3rd revolution.

Currently, we are engaged in the industrial revolution 4th, also known as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0). This revolution created the environment in which computers, automation and people will work together in ways entirely new. Here, robots and machines will be connected to the computer system, the system will use algorithms to control without human intervention.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 will take place like?

CMCN 4.0 will take place on 3 main areas include biotechnology, Digital and Physical. In particular, the core elements of Digital will be: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Everything connected – Internet of Things (IoT) and large data (Big Data).

In the field of biotechnology, CMCN 4.0 focused research to create breakthroughs in agriculture, aquaculture, medicine, food processing, environmental protection, energy of renewable chemicals and materials data, along with the physical sector new generation robots, 3D printers, self-driving cars, new materials and nanotechnology.

Currently, CMCN 4.0 taking place in the developed countries like the US, Europe, part of Asia. Besides the new opportunities, in the process of implementing CMCN 4.0, countries are also faced with many barriers.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho công nghệ 4.0
Opportunities and challenges when implementing CMCN 4.0

Applying technological innovations will help the manufacturing process faster, less manpower and data collection more complete. Product quality is assured by control from the stage of raw materials until the picture and go to consumers. Moreover, people will not directly work in dangerous working environments, reduce mortality, morbidity during labor.

However, many workers will lose their jobs by machinery replaced. Enterprises also have difficulty in recruiting human resources meet the requirements of the job. This can lead to inequality, even break the labor market. Also, CMCN 4.0 requires businesses to change. To survive and develop, they have to invest and upgrade technology at the same time improving the quality of personnel.

Economic instability will lead to instability of life, even politics. The new technology will result in a change of power, security concerns, increasing wealth gap.

Besides, changes in the way of communication on the Internet also poses challenges for information security for both individual systems and humans. We have to do to secure the data everywhere and regularly exchanged between systems.

In summary, CMCN 4.0 will affect a lot to the economy of a country, which gives us many opportunities but also numerous challenges and difficulties.

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