The popular mobile phone brand: Vertu, Mobiado, Apple, Sam Sung, Oppo , Sony , Nokia , Iphone X Xs

Vertu is the luxury brand famous phone by Nokia established in 1998.

The idea to establish the brand Vertu rooted Frank Nuovo, chief designer Nokia, the mobile phone Nuovo’d also like a kind jewelry for users. If the user can spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a watch or a jewelry certain things, why can not spend the same amount to buy a mobile phone? Therefore Vertu was launched to target customers are successful businessmen want to show class.

Apple (Iphone)

Apple (Iphone) are trademarks of American popular phones by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne co-founded Apple in 1976. In addition there is a computer technology corporation famous.

Apple always has a habit of making new technology before the entire industry and others to recognize and follow.

Apple introduced the iPhone in January 6/2007, opening the smartphone revolution changed the way people work and socialize, and great influence to the other industries from music to business hotels . 10 years later, the iPhone became one of the best-selling product history with 1.3 billion devices, generating more than $ 800 billion in revenue.

Unlike other carriers are always many different product lines Apple only a single phone line is the Iphone but sales ranked second in the world (after Samsung).
Kết quả hình ảnh cho iphone XS
Phone IPhone users are attracted by the beautiful design and luxurious colors. In fairness, the appearance of the iPhone has always led the trend of design compared with the average current telephone from using aluminum unibody with cut diamond (diamond-cut_ or application plastic strips on dorsum to avoid interference … the design is extremely elegant, accurate to the smallest detail, along with the use of color is very sensible of the iPhone always makes this product stand out and have a very smoking is hard to resist.

Samsung is a renowned mobile phone brand in Korea, founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938, started as a small trading company.

If Apple’s iPhone line into lemon are known but not everyone can afford to buy, the Samsung do better at this stage. Manufacturer from Korea has launched three smartphone segment; cheap, medium and high, to hit all tastes and pocketbooks of consumers.

Maybe some of you do not know, the smartphone sales in 2015 reached a record level of 1.43 billion devices. In particular, Samsung continues to lead the smartphone market in the last year was 324.8 million as consumer products, up 2.1% compared to 2014 and accounted for 22.7% of global smartphone market – research firm market research IDC said.

Perfect quality high-end smartphone from Samsung currently not inferior to Apple’s iPhone, has just come from the price reasonable and OS platform only.


Nokia is a renowned mobile phone brand from Finland, so engineers founder Fredrik Idestam beginning in 1865 with a paper processing plant wood industry.

In 1987, Nokia launched Mobira Cityman 900 handset, the handset is able to move the world first.

The phone weighs 800 grams and can cost up to 5999 USD and once former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev used to make a call from Helsinki to communications minister in Moscow, Russia. This event makes Mobira Cityman placed nicknamed “GORBA”

Over time, Nokia gradually changing and perfecting their products. By 1992, Nokia introduced the Nokia 1011, the first GSM handset in the world


Oppo phones are famous brand in China, was established in 2004. Oppo famous for electronic devices such as hearing music, LCD TV, DVD player, Bruray and smartphones.

2013, launched phones Oppo Find 5 is equipped with Full HD 5inch screen, 441ppi, the 13MP camera technology applications Stacked CMOS Sony advanced. A special feature of this handset is the first smartphone powered hardware HDR, and many modern technology features such as Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core APQ8064 1.5GHz, Adreno 320, Dirac HD and Dolby Mobile 3.0 for sound quality, vivid images. In addition, this model also supports wireless connectivity NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi-Display, DLNA …

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