Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality – VR)

The VR application takes you into a new world, a virtual world completely and then almost anything you no longer aware of the real world around him anymore. For example, you will be included in a future space station in 2069, where you will go to the spacecraft, flying among the stars. Another example: you will be brought about prehistoric dinosaurs roam together, touch them, flying between the volcano with the primeval forests covered below. Everything you see is the scene entirely by computer or mobile phone based should, nothing is real at all.

Characteristics of virtual reality that is fusions (immersive). This term describes your feeling when introduced into the world of VR: you feel the world that there is no truth, you see all the objects in it or not, you feel like you are living in a completely new space or not. The integration of this part from the virtual reality glasses will be covered out of eye sight so you will not see anything in real life at all.

Additionally, VR must also create a comfort for you to use as you will move the head a lot, if the device to track the movement of the head is not good enough and the software processing is not fast enough, you will be deflected what we really see and feel what the brain, creating a feeling of discomfort and even fatigue, headache, so sad. This is the problem that many products acquired early VR. Today, it no longer exists. Oculus Rift products like Google Cardboard or have solved this problem.

Virtual reality technology has since the 1990’s that time, the family home around the world talking about the making of the large VR but most have failed for various reasons: the computer’s processing power not strong enough, not many communities, expensive, not good experience (this is the biggest reason). Nintendo, extremely familiar names, has also launched a device called the Virtual Boy in 1995. You will not on the table to play games in virtual reality glasses, $ 175, but by the end the year it was discontinued sold for a poor experience, not comfortable, not full color image.

Augmented reality (Augmented Reality – AR)

I’m not sure this phrase translated into Vietnamese as “augmented reality” that is 100% true or not, but tried hard but still have not found an official from the so-called so slightly. AR focused on combining the real world with virtual information, not rip you a private space such as VR. AR will also allow you to interact with virtual content even in real life, can be touched, can be coated onto the image …
Kết quả hình ảnh cho VR
The most obvious example: the game Pokemon Go. It is a game on smartphones, obviously virtual. But your coordinates in your game is your coordinates in real life, a map in the game is the city map where you are, and the station PokeStop you stopped to retrieve items are the places that have so right in your own city. The combination of virtual reality and so is AR. In addition, Nokia City Lens app before with visibility bars, restaurants, shopping centers and landmarks on camera images are also AR.
Up to the present time, the technology is popular AR than VR, especially after the Pokemon Go. AR can spend your handset right to run, because most phones now have camera sensors as well as strong enough to be aware of your outside world. Facebook CEO also believes that the smartphone will be put AR tools to everyone at the time of the original rather complex devices like HoloLens. Let’s look at how the Pokemon Go AR is used, not that a boom or what?

Meanwhile, VR by requiring dedicated hardware so we can not thrive as AR. At least you’ll need a virtual reality glasses, whether cheap or questions they still have to go buy. For a better experience, you’ll need to add a certain form of the handle, the handle can be gaming or devices being developed separately. At about cheap, Google Cardboard glasses only cost $ 10-15 only. Even higher, more genuine, more pictures, more features have Oculus Rift is $ 600 or $ 800 Pre HTC Vive. In addition, these glasses or Vive Rift longer requires a computer must have strong configuration, which not everyone can easily afford.

AR and VR actually not rivals. Each with its own application but the other is not able to do, so they will still exist parallel. But at the present time, the AR will grow faster in terms of trade and the level of popularity, while VR will have to wait for a time when costs are falling and the device can approach more easily with people used to be able to appear for mass.

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