Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin


Counterfeit money for bitcoin elimination: you can be true, but bitcoin printing, because it does not exist, the algorithm of its birth can be programmed.

There is no limit to transactions: if you want to put 100 thousand dollars in person, maybe you need to pay attention to your word sub branch, or if you want to move to PayPal $10000, for example, you need to have certain conditions and He spent a lot of money on the exact time. However, bitcoin, you can limit the amount of bitcoin to no one, and at any time, there is almost no waste. It’s very simple. It only needs network connection.

No transaction fee: This is a real bitcoin transaction, because you do not need to pass any intermediary organization charges should be no friends. If there is a very small fee, the so-called transaction cost is handled by the bitcoin exchange.

Very safe and secure: information bitcoin transaction can not display any personal information of you, so no one will know the identity of bitcoin trading.

Potential E-Business: all bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous, unable to return and reverse, so they can be more secure and fraudulent for salespeople.

Saving and protecting the environment: people who print all kinds of paper or coin coins need to use chemical raw materials because it is through multi information algorithm with bitcoin unborn computer system. It is said that the cost of bitcoin transaction is that electricity can be saved a certain amount of calculation than this money?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bitcoin


Validation: slow speed is due to the safety and authentication of bitcoin transactions, which require many steps to complete transactions (transactions need to be certified and six to 10 minutes), so if mobile or pay a little money. A few dollars in the middle may be a bit of a waste of time.

There are few user information bitcoins: although it is becoming more and more common, people understand, trust and use bitcoins too little, especially in a country in Vietnam, we have become accustomed to cash holdings of V content, like. Ng bitcoin takes a lot of time to become universal.

It is difficult to use one than the other 100%: because currency transactions, the knowledge and technology of those people who rotate the Internet in SDO, it is difficult to take time to understand and start using bitcoin.

Crime, money laundering and hackers: why bitcoin is a money that is not subject to any management and anonymity, it can be used in trading legitimacy transactions and money laundering prohibition, in addition, bitcoin. Stored in electronic purse on the exchange, because all hackers can steal.

There is no clear law in the hall: most countries do not prohibit, but they do not support bitcoin trading, so many people are afraid that they will not dare to let their money into the information media. G’s command, many wrong information misled the public about bitcoin private and other general electronic money.

Legal status and international status in Vietnam

In the study of Irvine, California, the currency, finance and Industrial University, there is still controversy. This gives currency bitcoin, especially about what is called “what is right”. The wisdom of this can be said: the number of money (digital currency, digital cash virtual (virtual), money, money currency) electronic (electronic currency), money (or encrypted cryptocurrency)…

The invention of money is Nakamoto So, which he calls electronic cash. The form of cash is understood as English shorthand is money, which is based on the color of cash in the casino.

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