What is Cloud computing?

Word cloud – or cloud computing – now appears everywhere, from all chém of brothers on Subtle, on the reports of the technology company to on the box of a phone bought new, or even in the operating system that you are using. However, according to his observations, it is still many misconceptions about cloud computing, and that cloud computing is just things like Dropbox, onedrive or Google Drive, stuff is somewhere for you sync form , sync files up. Essentially such thinking is only a small part of the problem, cloud computing wider so very much, and in this article invite you to learn more detail about cloud computing and its impact on the future of the whole world.
According to IBM, cloud computing, or cloud for short, is the provision of computing resources to users depending on the intended use village over an Internet connection. Resources that could be anything related to computing and computer, such as software, hardware, network infrastructure to servers and large server networks.

Before the cloud, you want to do something, well done to yourself, and yourself to spend money invested almost from start to finish. In the individual user roles, if you want to save the data, you have to spend money to buy a hard drive. You want to back up data regularly and immediately? External hard drive must also go for the software, connect it to the network automatically if desired. If you want to make a website, you have to buy on their own servers for assembling and configuring everything. Want to manage sales outlets at home, you have to go buy accounting software or software sales and then install it on your home computer.
And all these things do not just stop at the time of purchase. The money you spend goes with you then, tentatively called the money “maintenance” and “maintenance”. You buy the hard drive, then missed it damaged self you must take away the warranty. Bad luck all the time warranty, data loss has cost just more money to buy another drive. You install the server, then you have to maintain it, take care of the cooling system, take care of backups (or if you hire someone else to do it is no different machine, just as you spend money because they do help only). Your accounting software installed, and then each time it is updated, you have to reinstall on your computer, if you have to manually correct the error (or call the company to ask how to fix).
Kết quả hình ảnh cho điện toán đám mây
These issues glance it may seem simple, but in fact it cost you a lot of effort and money, not to mention that it also makes it easy to lose your important data (like in the example drive above ). For businesses, the cost of “maintenance” is also great because they not only spend the small software small formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, but the management system bulky and complex, with data on the continuous so only a small failures can also cause loss of revenue or even millions of dollars as the production stalled. They must feed a staff to install, configure, test, run, secure and update your system. If you bring that amount multiplied by the number of business app that hundreds of users, it is not clear cost less slightest.

Then the advent of cloud computing, it helps resolve part you have to manage hardware and its software. You need to save the data? There onedrive with Dropbox, Google Drive can help you. Obviously you do not need to concern your files stored on the HDD is public, it is broken or not, no need to backup the secondary HDD or not, it is located in any place. You do not need to connect interested in this machine to another machine to receive files in two places. Everything was “care” by vendors and cloud services, and in this case it is Dropbox, Google or Microsoft. If the HDD fails, they will replace themselves, they would do themselves periodically backup operation, you do not have to bother.

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