The main features of BlockChain 

A database dispersed
Imagine a spreadsheet are duplicated thousands of times through the computer network, this network is designed to regularly update the spreadsheet that you have understand basic blockchain.

Information is organized on a blockchain exist as the database is shared and continuous integration. Here’s how to use the network with obvious benefits. Database blockchain not only stored in one location, which means that the records are stored openly, easily verifiable. No one focused version of the database does exist, so the hacker did not have a chance to attack it. Blockchain hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, its data can be accessed by anyone on the Internet.

Blockchain like Google Docs
How to share documents while collaborating normal Microsoft Word document is sent to another person via email and ask them to fix it. The problem in this case is that you need to wait until it receives a backup is sent back to be able to see or make other changes, as has locked access to edit until collaborators your complete the edit. That’s how the current database is active. Two owners can not edit a record at the same time. That is how the banks to maintain the balance and the transfers, they quickly lock access (in balance) while initiating the transfer, and then update your account and reopen access (or refresh). With Google Docs, on the other, both sides have access simultaneously to the same document and the only version of the document is always displayed for both. It’s like ledger is shared, but it is a shared document. Part dispersed only when share related to some people.

Abridged from reviews of William Mougayar, venture advisor, 4x traders, marketers, specialists and experts blockchain strategy.

Blockchain like Google Docs / Sheets

Sustainability of blockchain
Technology like the Internet because it blockchain have a powerful built. By storing the same information block on its network, blockchain impossible:

Being controlled by any one entity does
not have shortcomings, single error.
Bitcoin was released in 2008, since then, Bitcoin is operated blockchain, operating without significant interruption. To this, any problem related to Bitcoin is due to hacking or mismanagement. In other words, these problems come from bad intentions and human error, not the flaws of Bitcoin itself.

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The Internet has proven to be reliable in almost 30 years. This is good for a track record of technology blockchain as it continues to be developed.

Transparent and can not be broken
Network blockchain exist in the status of the agreement, automatically check every 10 minutes. A kind of self-control ecosystem digital value, the network will air every transaction that occurs in about 10 minutes. Each transaction groups are called blocks. Two important characteristics to be drawn from this:

Transparency: The data is embedded in the network as a bloc, openly.
It can not be broken: When you change any information on units blockchain means using a large computer to overwrite the entire network.
In theory, this could happen. In fact, it did not happen. For example, the control system to take Bitcoin will cause its value is destroyed.

A network node
of a network of compute nodes forming blockchain. Buttons here are computers connected to the network blockchain, use the client to perform the task confirmation and forward transactions. Button will receive a copy of blockchain, loaded automatically when participating blockchain.

These buttons together to create a strong supply network 2, a completely different perspective of how the Internet can operate. Each node is an “administrator” of the network blockchain and automatically join the network, the motivation for this involvement is the chance to win a Bitcoin.

Also known as the peach button Bitcoin, but this term has little confused. In fact, everyone is competing for Bitcoins by solving the puzzles. Bitcoin is the “raison d’être” of blockchain since it was formed. Bitcoin is only recognized as a very small part of the potential of technology blockchain.

700 digital currency Bitcoin is similar, there are also many variations of the original concept blockchain currently operating or under development.

By design, blockchain a decentralized technology. Whatever happened on that are functions of the network. Some important suggestions derived from this. Thanks to create new ways to confirm the transaction which the commercial aspects of tradition can become unnecessary. Such as those traded on the stock market can be done simultaneously

Blockchain is what?

Blockchain a ledger digital divide or understandable than the database in a network. Ledger is shared for those who participate in the network. This shows that the entire system is not only a unique position, a document can be used as a basis credible (authority) only, because the time to copy the same version ledger is set many places.

All copies are updated when new data or transactions are recorded in blockchain through the consent of everyone involved. Diggers responsible approve the transaction and network monitoring by addressing the sophisticated formula with the help of computers. It is a P2P system, eliminating all intermediaries, enhances security, transparency and stability as well as reduce the costs and human error caused. 

By enabling distribution of digital information but may not be reproduced, technology backbone blockchain has created a new type of Internet.

In the book Blockchain Revolution (2016), Don & Alex Tapscott has stated that: “Blockchain a ledger digital can not be damaged by the economic transactions, which can be programmed to record not only the financial transactions that can record everything valuable. ” 

Blockchain work like? 
Technology blockchain is probably the best invention since the Internet itself. It allows the exchange value without trust or evidence do believe. Imagine you and I bet 50 $ for weather tomorrow in San Francisco. I bet it will shine, you bet rain. Today we have three options to manage this transaction:
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We can trust each other. Rain or shine, the loser will pay 50 dollars for the winner. If we are friends, this might be a good way to bet. However, whether they are friends or strangers, can not be easily paid for the other. 
We can turn into a contract bet. With a contract in place, both parties will easily pay more, however, if one of them decided not to pay, the winner will have to pay more to cover legal expenses and judgments may takes a long time. Especially with a small amount of cash, this seems not the optimal way to manage transactions.
We can turn to a neutral third party. Each of us gave $ 50 for a third person, she would bring the total amount to the winner. But, she also absconded with all the money. Therefore, we will choose one of two options first: trust or contract. 
Both trust and contracts are not the optimal solution. We can not trust the strangers and contract enforcement requires time and money. Technology blockchain is exciting because it gives us a third choice, safe, fast and cheap.

Blockchain allows write a few lines of code, the program running on blockchain, which both we send 50 dollars on it. This program will hold a $ 100 security and check the weather tomorrow automatically on multiple data sources. Sunny or rainy, it will automatically transfer the entire amount to the winner. Each party can check the contract logic, and because it is running on blockchain it can not be changed or stopped. This effort may be too high for a single transaction of $ 50, but imagine when selling home or company. 

The objective of this section is to explain how blockchain operate without discussing the deep technical details, but enough so that you have a general idea of the basic logic and mechanisms.

Applications known and most discussed of technology blockchain is Bitcoin. A currency that can be used to exchange products and services, like the US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), copper (Vietnam) and other national currencies. Please use the first application of this technology to learn how blockchain its operations.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin


Counterfeit money for bitcoin elimination: you can be true, but bitcoin printing, because it does not exist, the algorithm of its birth can be programmed.

There is no limit to transactions: if you want to put 100 thousand dollars in person, maybe you need to pay attention to your word sub branch, or if you want to move to PayPal $10000, for example, you need to have certain conditions and He spent a lot of money on the exact time. However, bitcoin, you can limit the amount of bitcoin to no one, and at any time, there is almost no waste. It’s very simple. It only needs network connection.

No transaction fee: This is a real bitcoin transaction, because you do not need to pass any intermediary organization charges should be no friends. If there is a very small fee, the so-called transaction cost is handled by the bitcoin exchange.

Very safe and secure: information bitcoin transaction can not display any personal information of you, so no one will know the identity of bitcoin trading.

Potential E-Business: all bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous, unable to return and reverse, so they can be more secure and fraudulent for salespeople.

Saving and protecting the environment: people who print all kinds of paper or coin coins need to use chemical raw materials because it is through multi information algorithm with bitcoin unborn computer system. It is said that the cost of bitcoin transaction is that electricity can be saved a certain amount of calculation than this money?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bitcoin


Validation: slow speed is due to the safety and authentication of bitcoin transactions, which require many steps to complete transactions (transactions need to be certified and six to 10 minutes), so if mobile or pay a little money. A few dollars in the middle may be a bit of a waste of time.

There are few user information bitcoins: although it is becoming more and more common, people understand, trust and use bitcoins too little, especially in a country in Vietnam, we have become accustomed to cash holdings of V content, like. Ng bitcoin takes a lot of time to become universal.

It is difficult to use one than the other 100%: because currency transactions, the knowledge and technology of those people who rotate the Internet in SDO, it is difficult to take time to understand and start using bitcoin.

Crime, money laundering and hackers: why bitcoin is a money that is not subject to any management and anonymity, it can be used in trading legitimacy transactions and money laundering prohibition, in addition, bitcoin. Stored in electronic purse on the exchange, because all hackers can steal.

There is no clear law in the hall: most countries do not prohibit, but they do not support bitcoin trading, so many people are afraid that they will not dare to let their money into the information media. G’s command, many wrong information misled the public about bitcoin private and other general electronic money.

Legal status and international status in Vietnam

In the study of Irvine, California, the currency, finance and Industrial University, there is still controversy. This gives currency bitcoin, especially about what is called “what is right”. The wisdom of this can be said: the number of money (digital currency, digital cash virtual (virtual), money, money currency) electronic (electronic currency), money (or encrypted cryptocurrency)…

The invention of money is Nakamoto So, which he calls electronic cash. The form of cash is understood as English shorthand is money, which is based on the color of cash in the casino.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency to be issued in 2009 by a mysterious person Satoshi Nakamoto use pseudonyms. Transactions are made without through intermediaries. Therefore no transaction fees and no need to provide their real names. 

Many enterprises begin to accept the use of Bitcoin, you can even use them to buy pizza. However you need to have a wallet for storing software, as well as track your spending power. Alternatively you can purchase Bitcoin exchanges through online or at ATMs. 

Bitcoin can not print as cash – they are created by a computer system globally. Scale networks are expanding the power of supercomputers to participate.

It was the first example of an anonymous currency which we collectively Cryptocurrency, they become more attractive because of the anonymous user and can not be controlled by the government. 

Principle of operation of Bitcoin like? 
Value of Bitcoin and other currencies, as determined under the law of supply – demand. For transaction processing, computer systems must perform a procedure – called digging Bitcoin. Including decrypting a mathematical equation and give answers to 64 characters. 
Kết quả hình ảnh cho bitcoin
When the problem was successfully decoded, a BTC block includes information transactions which will complete the processing. Miners will be rewarded with a coin output from the computer network for his achievement. Difficulty increases with each problem will cycle to ensure new coin always be created every 10 minutes.

More than 16 million existing BTC of 21 million in supply. The training will become more difficult, estimated to total 21 million in 2140, it can dig up. 

The currency can be subdivided into several subunits. 1 BTC 100 million Satoshi – Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, is named after the founder. 

What is Bitcoin wallet address? 
Bitcoin users store via an address for – include an address about 27-34 letters and numbers. This address is used to send and receive BTC. No one can know the IP address associated with the individual. Each person using the address Bitcoin possess their own Bitcoin wallet, probability to duplicate Bitcoin address is 1e-48%, that the duplicate address is completely impossible. 

Bitcoin virtual currency can be?
Currently if you go talk to 10 people about Bitcoin, definitely people will say that 9 is a copper “virtual money”. 9 people 9 people that is certainly never learn carefully about what Bitcoin is and make sure they do not have a chance to read this article. 

The essence of the word “virtual” is something that is not true, no value, so with this call can be confusing and make people misunderstand the value of Bitcoin. 

So, if not real, “virtual” so why now there are people who buy cars with BTC, BTC home buyers with …? In summary value is a pretty subjective concept and can it worth to us, but not with your values, values can change over time.

The value of anything that is also generated by the law of supply and demand, for example, if you spend a specific amount of money to buy an item, you should always consider the item more valuable. Conversely, the seller re-considered new money they receive value. 

With Bitcoin, too, it’s worth it or not depends on the understanding of each person and in each different time. In 2013, 1 BTC is only equivalent to about 117 USD because at that time no one cares about it, very few people use and ownership of this coin. However more and more people are interested in, the more you learn and realize the benefits of it, the demand for higher Bitcoin property, so its price will rise in the future.

Application of cloud computing

has had a lot of businesses post their applications on the Internet and are embellished a lot of new features through the web browser. The most recent evidence is the emergence of Chrome OS, an operating system and application interfaces with full right in the web browser. Sooner or later, you will be able to connect to any application just with the passage of the web browser on your PC. 

The algorithm then clouds any different?

Can you read still do not understand what Cloud Computing is and we can simplify as follows. Each company often run applications directly on their own servers. These servers are located in the right position the company. That requires a lot of effort in maintenance, maintenance, money and time to keep things constantly be running, upgrades and guaranteed.

If the enterprise application cloud computing, they will still use the same applications, but they are located in the cluster of servers on the Internet. Businesses simply connect via the Internet without having to take some effort to maintain, maintenance, upgrade and run the server. Moreover, businesses can give their customers using applications that do not have to install. All very simple. Said one short, Cloud Computing allows companies to sell more services in one package new and more attractive.

If an employee, do you ever think that you are doing the company will use Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office or Open Office does not? This trend is growing strongly because to do so, users (businesses) are not losing money to buy, no need to install. But what if your company wants to provide service to others? You will be able to leverage the power of cloud computing by creating applications on the Internet with resources from the “big” as the Google App Engine, Windows Azure Microsoft, Amazon EC2’s framework.
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Most of these services are charged based on the amount by resource use. So your application only be charged by the proper amount of CPU and bandwidth usage. Hope the article has helped you kind of imagine the concept and operation of cloud computing principles. In the following article, we will look at specific applications of this promising technology.

Cloud Computing Trends

rend four, security holes are in the cloud.

These security vulnerabilities are increasing. A crime committed by a person in the resource center violated US data tracking until June 30, 2017, reaching a record 791 in half a year, a substantial increase compared with the US 29% in 2016. ITRC predicts that at this point, an increase of 37% a year can be violated in 2016 2017.

No surprise is that security continues to be a solution and technology for a problem. Violating data bank’s credit reporting Equifax leads to millions of individuals, including sensitive people’s name, social security number, date of birth, number, driver’s license and credit card. The violation of banks is also common, mainly due to the use of vulnerable people who have opened the leaf bank.

Google has made some key safety measures and safe FOB. They log in to the device including the program verification FOB price is the two step. This involves sending the password to your smartphone in M. T fix your password to the security of your account.

Gartner predicts that the cost of information security will reach 9 billion 300 million dollars in the whole world, 86,4 IDC billion from 1996 to 2018, and 2017 global income is expected to reach 101,6 billion in security technology to 2020.

These security issues will continue to be the mainstream year to 2018, which means that we will see that many network security companies will choose safer new clouds.

In order to succeed in the cloud, CNTT and security teams need to seize a new mode of activity. This is the new start. The company concentrates on lacework. Through automation, speed and integration. Cloud service security, the company redefined the key to the success of cloud security. Online watch CSO deep lacework to solve this summer (software security first, 2017, contrasting the works of human attacks hidden in the data center and cloud chaos).

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5. Internet trends are (5 iodine) and cloud.

Most devices are based on iodine cloud, especially when devices are connected. Iodine is used as a connecting device, household appliances, cars, electronics, to the last cloud based transport and storage of media information. Cloud backup device, when we see a lot of equipment production and sale of iodine, the use of cloud will continue to increase.

6. Trend six – Computer phones without servers will bring many situations to use and use.

Serverless cloud computing allows developers to build and run application services without fear that management / operation will increase the use of cloud and cloud in V. I C management does not have any infrastructure, and serverless cloud computing efficiency is also improved by allowing developers to connect and extend service cloud to easy to solve applications and more. Their ng is used together. Cloud computing serverless requires less time and effort, simplifies work and releases new updates.

7. Trend seven – calculate the rise of the edge.

Edge or computer processing, data processing in the edge network optimization cloud computing, will also increase. The consequence is to increase the use of network connection devices. Edge enhancement is necessary because it will be required to run real-time traffic access in service in 2018, because it provides streamlines iodine and data analysis and real-time pH access from the device. Analysis.

Cloud Computing Trends Future 

Trends 1 – Growth in Services and Solutions Cloud (SaaS, Paas, IaaS). 

With cloud computing is increasing, only natural that the services and cloud solutions will grow. 

Bain & Company predicts that software as a service (SaaS), where software is licensed on a subscription basis and is organized to focus, will grow at 18% CAGR by 2020. The application Google Apps, Salesforce, Citrix GoToMeeting and likely continued market represents the largest cloud computing.

According to KPMG, predicted PaaS will be the fastest-growing field of cloud computing platform – an increase from 32% in 2017 to 56% in 2020. PaaS solution provides a platform that allows customers to develop, launch run, and manage applications in a simple way than having to build and maintain infrastructure. 

According Statista, infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), which provides the virtualization of computing resources over the Internet, there will be a market that is predicted to reach 17.5 billion US dollars in 2018. Amazon IaaS largest market share with Amazon Web services (AWS) and will compete with the infrastructure services cloud computing include Microsoft Azure and Google Compute engine (GCE).
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2018 will be the year that the approval of the Enterprise Cloud Services improved; Services Social Media will skyrocket, service File Sharing in the Cloud will increase, Services Cooperation will become more familiar, service Social Media will get the democratization and received the highest acceptable. 

2. Trends 2 – The versatile cloud solutions – Cloud to Cloud and Cloud to connect on site. 
Cloud to Cloud Connectivity – Some businesses are not particularly fond associated with cloud vendors only, which is why many cloud providers are open API platform to connect multiple solutions. Open API is necessary to synchronize the process and data management, and multi-function and multi-function integrated and connected to the system and tools.

Cloud to connect spot -Most companies will keep the solution in place and can also connect to the cloud-based solution with powerful custom that best suits their business needs. 

The two main reasons for this phenomenon: 

Although a number of security solutions more suitable for cloud, but still better spot for the control of network security data stream. 
Data and enterprise systems have developed in one phase and move them to the cloud remains a problem for most businesses. 
Expense ratio / return on investment. Complete transition to the cloud is expensive and very time consuming. 

3. Trend 3 – Store in the cloud and using multifaceted.
Cloud storage is becoming cheaper – It’s supply and demand economics – supply and demand higher the lower the price falls. However, with cloud storage, not only has a significant supply, but also in high demand; Therefore, cloud storage is not only cheap but also is offering free from cloud providers certain so they can gain market share and collect user data value.*NvIhfDiQL17AOQTxzK5LNw.jpeg 

Crowd sourced Storage – Instead of using traditional cloud storage expensive, slow and sometimes unsafe, saving the crowd becomes storage option for those who want to keep the cost low, but still want to take advantage of the cloud.

Share your friends or hosting strangers will become common practice and should be used instead for applications such as Google Drive or DropBox. The cloud storage platform is derived from the Crowd will be used in the construction and maintenance of large-scale applications. 

Data derived from the cloud – The Maze Game players like Google and Amazon are major permit free Cloud Storage data provider for the data / analysis of big data and artificial intelligence applications.

Costs for costs Cloud – Prevention costs are necessary to maintain the cost down to only the necessary expenses to maintain financial goals. The growth of cloud rose rapidly as more organizations to adopt a cloud-based strategy to cut costs. Cloud computing is an IT strategy to cut long-term costs to reduce costs and increase infrastructure ROI by reducing costs while increasing accessibility and productivity.

Cost Cloud Wars – The price war between Google and Amazon’s cloud based on each organization’s efforts to provide the cheapest and services dominate the cloud computing market. AWS announced lower prices earlier this year, and Google introduced Committed Use Discounts (CUD), or as defined by Google, “the ability to purchase using contract commitments in exchange for discount prices deeply to use virtual servers. “

Impact of cloud computing

The biggest advantage is the cost savings of cloud computing. Now, we have analyzed this aspect, perhaps not to say more, mainly to reduce costs, investment costs, and start buying hardware, software and maintenance costs to enable them to install. M servers operate more space and daily expenses and hire people to see more.

You can quickly and easily use one thing without installing complex tasks. You can quickly access all of them, almost without relying on hardware, software or What is it? If you use traditional disk storage and forget at home, how can you put data? When Dropbox is just the download file on the web page, it is necessary, or like Gmail, you can quickly borrow your friend’s laptop to check the complicated account of the e-mail account. There is no need to look ahead. Just like Google documents, you just need to open the browser and input, no need to install the office of the Department.

Next is the security and continuous HDD leaving your hard disk, a bad one called white data, unless you want to copy data two drives per day at the same time. At the same time, your data will be in Dropbox, onedrive C It has higher security. If the hard disk is damaged, the data on the back will continue to continue. Friends can continue to use it as normal. I don’t want to say that it is very safe, because there are still risks, the company put cloud storage data center or burned, or worse, the movie 2012 doomsday like point, but at least this low risk probability than yourself. HDD is a lot.

Confidential data can also be seen as a time of interest, flower cloud. You make a laptop with sensitive data or a company image sensitive girl, just like the loss of death will be very large. At the same time, if you save something, if the cloud on your laptop just loses a hard disk, data is still secure on the internet account. If you don’t have your password, no one can. Play there.

4. Some restrictions on Cloud Computing

Everything has two sides and interests. If almost everything in the cloud needs network connections, if connected or slowly blurred, this is very common. In Vietnam, the use of services will R B: it’s hard to break. Remember when my sea cable is waiting forever, the new Dropbox uploads will have to wait a long time for the new project of Google Drive synchronous file, instead of opening Gmail to spend three to five minutes. H company, which means they will spend more time downloading the cloud application, and the loss may be very serious. Suppose that many customers in a store can not run to the guest to die?

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This is why many cloud services provide the option to save part or all data on computers, which is usually referred to as not being saved here. Dropbox, onedrive, Google Drive also have permission to include synchronous files on your computer, and you can still work normally, open or access them even without the Internet. When there is a network, synchronization. Like Evernote, you can even walk in the street and enter your records with your cell phone. When you have Wi-Fi, pay attention to the cloud.

The second is privacy. Do you have enough trust in Evernote to save all the data? Do you believe that Gmail email keeps all the important jobs, just a letter that can be leaked, or can you lose your company? You have enough trust in an accounting software to store all the books online with friends.

Examples of cloud computing 

Currently, the company provides services of cloud computing is divided into three major categories as follows: 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): 
Infrastructure as a Service means “Infrastructure is provided as a service “. According to Amazon, it is the most basic level of the cloud, and often services IaaS will sell you things on the network, the computer (virtual machine or physical computer as needed), as well as storage data. More specifically, you can rent a “server on the cloud” with CPU, RAM, hard drive (SSD or HDD) according to need. Okay, so you already have a server, and the server located in the center about which data, including how much the air conditioning to cool it, it’s network spend public telecommunications services … then you do not concern anymore. You already have the server, on which users only.

Amazon Web Services or service DigitalOcean are typical for this type of IaaS. You will to select the server, then automatically you must select and install an operating system, finished the need to install other software needed for their application. If you want to spend that server for the site must install the related software to the web server, want to spend that server as the database, then install the database on, want to spend that server to game Pikachu then set yourself to the game: D (of course say for fun, but no one went to play games on it at all).

Thus, IaaS is not designed for end users, which is mainly for people who want a place to deploy their software, can be a programmer, a company, or a unit for web publishing such term. Now you call yourself doing things that many of IaaS just to have a place to save the file, you do not? Certainly not. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS) 

PaaS help you ignore the complexity or hassle to themselves manage their infrastructure (often related to hardware and operating system). If you rent a PaaS service, you just need to focus on the deployment of their software on it and started running. Thanks to that you do not have to worry PaaS Windows update for your server whenever a patch, not manage the RAM, CPU, not the planning of resources …

Kết quả hình ảnh cho điện toán đám mây

Another example of PaaS is that the web host services. It will prepare everything for you from the server, software, database until the connection port. You just put your files * .html up and running. If you have a database, the data is written in and spend immediately. In models PaaS is then controlled by you with the server is limited to a lot, and then a server will usually be shared between multiple users PaaS together to save costs (ie buy your service cheaper). 

Software as a Service (SaaS):

This is the highest top in the classification scheme of cloud services. It is a perfect product to be operated and managed by a provider. And said simply, in most cases, people use SaaS to talk about software, applications can be used immediately by the end user. 

A very common example of SaaS is Web-based email services, such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail, for example. It is a complete product, you can immediately spend to send and receive mail without having to set up a server to manage mail, not establish an Internet connection to that server, nor should organize management using anything.

Similarly, onedrive, Dropbox is SaaS. Software (or website) gives you all the features you need, you’re not going to buy the hard drive and settings from the operating system for the network connection. Google Docs or Microsoft Online is SaaS, you can jump right in and start typing the text or create presentations without the need to install additional software, regardless of copyright. Evernote, OneNote, Wunderlist, Google Keep well as cloud services that SaaS format. SAP offers business management solutions online, some companies are providing accounting solutions and production management right from the browser, also are SaaS.

In all three forms of cloud computing, the second “instant noodles” is the most SaaS, and also so that this type is very easily accessible to the end users because they do not know anything much about the technical machine calculation can also use it. SaaS also free things to attract customers rather than what is charged. Dropbox, Gmail still free things there. Of course, users SaaS will not have any control with the infrastructure below. Where you are allowed to edit anything related to Gmail or Dropbox server anywhere.

What is Cloud computing?

Word cloud – or cloud computing – now appears everywhere, from all chém of brothers on Subtle, on the reports of the technology company to on the box of a phone bought new, or even in the operating system that you are using. However, according to his observations, it is still many misconceptions about cloud computing, and that cloud computing is just things like Dropbox, onedrive or Google Drive, stuff is somewhere for you sync form , sync files up. Essentially such thinking is only a small part of the problem, cloud computing wider so very much, and in this article invite you to learn more detail about cloud computing and its impact on the future of the whole world.
According to IBM, cloud computing, or cloud for short, is the provision of computing resources to users depending on the intended use village over an Internet connection. Resources that could be anything related to computing and computer, such as software, hardware, network infrastructure to servers and large server networks.

Before the cloud, you want to do something, well done to yourself, and yourself to spend money invested almost from start to finish. In the individual user roles, if you want to save the data, you have to spend money to buy a hard drive. You want to back up data regularly and immediately? External hard drive must also go for the software, connect it to the network automatically if desired. If you want to make a website, you have to buy on their own servers for assembling and configuring everything. Want to manage sales outlets at home, you have to go buy accounting software or software sales and then install it on your home computer.
And all these things do not just stop at the time of purchase. The money you spend goes with you then, tentatively called the money “maintenance” and “maintenance”. You buy the hard drive, then missed it damaged self you must take away the warranty. Bad luck all the time warranty, data loss has cost just more money to buy another drive. You install the server, then you have to maintain it, take care of the cooling system, take care of backups (or if you hire someone else to do it is no different machine, just as you spend money because they do help only). Your accounting software installed, and then each time it is updated, you have to reinstall on your computer, if you have to manually correct the error (or call the company to ask how to fix).
Kết quả hình ảnh cho điện toán đám mây
These issues glance it may seem simple, but in fact it cost you a lot of effort and money, not to mention that it also makes it easy to lose your important data (like in the example drive above ). For businesses, the cost of “maintenance” is also great because they not only spend the small software small formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, but the management system bulky and complex, with data on the continuous so only a small failures can also cause loss of revenue or even millions of dollars as the production stalled. They must feed a staff to install, configure, test, run, secure and update your system. If you bring that amount multiplied by the number of business app that hundreds of users, it is not clear cost less slightest.

Then the advent of cloud computing, it helps resolve part you have to manage hardware and its software. You need to save the data? There onedrive with Dropbox, Google Drive can help you. Obviously you do not need to concern your files stored on the HDD is public, it is broken or not, no need to backup the secondary HDD or not, it is located in any place. You do not need to connect interested in this machine to another machine to receive files in two places. Everything was “care” by vendors and cloud services, and in this case it is Dropbox, Google or Microsoft. If the HDD fails, they will replace themselves, they would do themselves periodically backup operation, you do not have to bother.