Basic knowledge to use CentOS

With the new you begins to get familiar with using CentOS on the VPS, then it will be very difficult with the huge difference between using the command line interface of the Linux operating system with the habit of using the operating system has a graphical interface such as Windows , Mac. Today, the VHW presenting basic information necessary for you to work on CentOS after installing them on VPS

Is the main interface of the CentOS operating system, as well as other Linux OS like Ubuntu, Fedora, … Unlike the Windows graphical interface, where you use a cursor to perform these tasks, then in a command line interface CLI-Command Line Interface you use commands (Bash) to perform the task.

With the Linux OS, this command is called the Linux command, there will not be much different when used in CentOS OS with Ubuntu, Fedora …

For example, to enter a subdirectory, you would type the command opens the directory (cd) cd/path/message _ item _ destination … or want to create a new folder I type: mkdir tên_folder_m is new ….
To manipulate the content editing file in CentOS, we must use the Editor (Text Editor), default in CentOS available Vim (or Vi) Editor, every time you want to edit the content of a file (use this when VPS running CentOS , Ubuntu … we will do quite often).
Kết quả hình ảnh cho centos
For example: want to open the file named nginx. conf in nginx (subfolder of the folder etc) we type the following command: vi/etc/nginx/nginx.conf

In the Text Editor, also has 2 working modes (mode):

Command Mode: in this mode you can move the cursor to a location in the file, execute commands copy/paste, delete, or save the file commands/shortcuts don’t save files … etc.
Insert Mode: this is the write/edit mode, i.e. you need to write the add/edit content, they must switch to Insert Mode recently.
With every Text Editor, switching between the two modes have different so when you select the Editor to use then to remember how its done. By default you will use Vim/en is available, or can the other Editor (Nano is most popular)

See the tutorial using the Nano Editor, Vi Editor below

VPS Hosting, virtual server, Server, Cloud Hosting

VPS virtual server, Hosting, Server, Cloud Hosting
Overall score of 4 types of Web Hosting is operate as a central data storage for your website, they only differ in storage capacity, the ability to control , require specialized skills, server speed and assurance. Let 123Host deepen and look at the main difference between this type of dental 4.What is Shared Hosting?
In shared hosting (also known as hosting), your website is placed on a server with many other sites, which can range from several hundred to several thousand websites. Usually, these websites share server resources like RAM and CPU. With low-cost, most of these sites run the standard software built on the server. Hosting popular not only low cost but also very easy for you to operate in the first phase because it does not require specialized skills too much


is no access into the system, is limited when the website your massive traffic, and your website performance can be affected by other sites on the same server.
What is a Dedicated Server?
An exclusive-use server (Server) provides you with complete control over the server you set Website – You get exclusive use and entirely possible for other users to sublet. Your website is the only website on the server if you want.


Strength large, maximum control … So it can be said the only weak point is the cost of the server. Servers are usually very expensive and it is only recommended to use when you really need maximum control and high performance requirements. Also, you must ensure that you have a certain knowledge to be able to fully control the performance of the server. Or you just need to sign up for service in 123Host and we can assist you whenever you need any technical issues yet

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VPS
What Is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud Hosting provides you with an unlimited ability to handle large traffic. Here’s how it works: a group of servers (also called cloud) work together to manage a group of websites. This allows multiple servers to work together to control traffic from any specific sites in the site group are administered.Cons:

More Cloud Hosting is adjusted to limit access into your system (such as changing system settings and add some supporting software) and fairly high cost.

Above is the current type of Web Hosting. In addition, for ease in meeting many current needs, the service providers also offer many different packages for each type of Web Hosting.

Bottom line: You should consider in order to choose for themselves what kind of Web Hosting suit current requirements at the most reasonable cost. Or you can contact 123Host by live chat with us at our website: or call on Hotline: 0873 002 123 for our staff can advise you on the most appropriate service packs

What is virtual private server

VPS or virtual server to be viewed as a copy of the operating system, customers can access according to the user’s level similar to the operating system, so that when using VPS we can install most software running on operating systems that

VPS or virtual server to be viewed as a copy of the operating system, customers can access according to the user’s level similar to the operating system, so that when using VPS we can install most software running on operating systems that

Introduction overview of the VPS (Virtual private server)

1. The concept of VPS
VPS or virtual server to be viewed as a copy of the operating system, customers can access according to the user’s level similar to the operating system, so that when using VPS we can install most software running on that operating system. Depending on the purpose of the users will have the equivalent functionality of a physical server, it is also a software-defined and can easily create various configurations. On the market today, the VPS has the lower price compared to the other physical server so performance can slightly lower depends on the workload
2. When to use VPS?
Today the VPS used to serve the purpose as:
Archive of website services
Do a game servers
Create virtual environments to programming, research …
Build the system of mail server, web server …
Run the communications program
Hình ảnh có liên quan
3. Advantages and disadvantages of using VPS
a. advantages
Install and activate to use very fast (only about 5-10 minutes you can use VPS)
Secure with users by high security features
All rights to use the software as a standalone server
Cheaper price than you buy a server (server) should save a lot of costs for you
You can manage remote clients, help the client software installation, software upgrade …
b. disadvantages
All activities of VPS are dependent on the server that created it, if problems occur with physical servers, VPS’s activities also affected
Sometimes work productivity of VPS does not reach the levels as you desire
Upgrading VPS makes you spend a lot of time and costs.

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Introduction of the server HostingViet:
* The entire VPS service is built on Cloud platforms OpenStack
* Type of Virtualization: HostingViet using the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine)/VMWare on all VPS offers HostingViet service
* You actively manage the VPS resources, proactively install the operating system.
* Fast installation of the popular operating system using the File IMAGE (Template available) in just a few minutes.
* Full Administrator rights VPS (Boot, reboot, shutdown, Suspend, VNC) with just 1 click
* Upgrade the Ram, CPU, storage capacity in just a few seconds.
* Server type: Dell
* New Intel CPUs for high performance.
* 100% storage: SSD
* Home Server: the entire Server of HostingViet are located in the data center (DataCenter-DC) the largest in Vietnam such as FPT, Viettel, VDC.
* The network speed of your VPS: total Server of HostingViet using Port 10Gbps network and 1Gbps.
* Committed to 100% physical RAM is the RAM, not to use virtual RAM, Ram DDR4 ram. Swap (RAM temporarily when not enough physical RAM) HostingViet general standard settings, You can ask Hostingviet.
* Private use CPU delivers high performance. do not Share the CPU for other VPS.

Virtual server VPS service is what?

“Services virtual server VPS is what?” are the questions often posed for beginners to use this service. Here are answers to questions on.

Rental Services VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a form of virtual servers to be created by means of dividing a physical server into multiple different servers featuring almost machine private servers (dedicated server), run as a shared resource from the original physical server there.

Each virtual server VPS is a system completely isolated, partially own CPU, RAM, separate drive capacity HDD, separate private IP address and its own operating system, users have full control over the root and can restart the system at any time.

2. Virtual Server VPS user to do?
VPS service today very widely used in the enterprise and the small business model. But often VPS is used for the following needs:

– Host Game (game server).

– Storage multi-service website (website sales, e-commerce websites, forums, sites with large traffic …)

– Development platform.

– Server for enterprise email systems.

– Run the communication program directly.

– Create virtual environments for programming, virus analysis, research …

– Archive data: documents, pictures, videos …

Comparison VPS and Cloud server to find out the pros Vietnam
1) facilitate the management
When comparing the VPS and Cloud server we see the usual VPS service today most customers just give admin or root account for remote access clients. Tasks such as startup, backup, reinstall OS, customers must submit a request to the service provider. There are free workplace but also have a place to charge. Generally not been proactive customer.

Also on VPS cloud, customers are offered account portal, customers can proactively booted off, backup, reinstall the OS from the image in the local or available on the system. Customers will be active in all situations.

2) Flexible Scalability
When comparing the VPS and Cloud servers have seen the VPS usually hosted on one single server, when customers want to upgrade the VPS, if that server is still resource is okay, but if the server is running out of resources reserve, the upgrade will interrupt VPS one period, but not much.

As for the cloud VPS resources and reserves is very much always ready to upgrade the VPS, the allocation is also very fast.

With these outstanding features, the VPS cloud service provider is the current trend of suppliers and also the trend of customer choice.

3) High security
VPS and Cloud server comparison we see VPS often deployed on physical servers, so if any problems occur with this server, the VPS will be affected. So what happens when the physical space that matter? As the sole physical and so the usual VPS is initiated on the first server, the risk of equipment damage leading to loss of your data is very high. Meanwhile, if using mechanisms Backup VPS cost is also not cheap and not the supplier IDC always supported by the issues of infrastructure …

As for the VPS cloud, the VPS is hosted on 1 system system includes multiple physical servers, which host them have trouble, then that VPS automatically transferred via other hosts on one machine in the system. This ensures ready for VPS.

Combined with the advanced virtualization platform of Vmwave and Citric, including the VPS Cloud operating under automatic mechanism. Any small detail in your system fails, Cloud system will automatically move your cloud VPS package into another dimension. Such customer service is always constant, the physical risk taking is no longer the server.

4) Cost Savings
Using VPS often scalability is very limited due to dependence on VPS physics, while with Cloud VPS, you only have to pay part of the cost for the parameters you need (HDD, RAM , Capacity … ). The upgrade / downgrade (when demand decreases) easily will help you save a lot of costs for services.

Administration Guide effective VPS
1. Ping
from your computer: in cmd type: ping -t

Your machine will check the connection to the VPS view VPS traffic to ensure the connection. With a network connection, the ping would normally about 70 ~ 90 ms.

2. Check the management system VPS
a. Check the amount of CPU
Use the command: cat / proc / cpuinfo

Field “processor” will tell of employees (core) you have, the first starting at 0. So if you are level 1, you will see people 1 occurrence bulletin board CPU and processor lineup with 0, if you are level 2’s, you will see two occurrences newsletter CPU, the first processor lineup is 0, 2nd line of processors is 1.

the “model name” will tell the CPU you are using.

Field “cpu MHz” will indicate the amount of Mhz on that core.

AppVZ design of CPU level for VPS to double compared to the register of your VPS. Eg if you use the VPS-1 package with 25% Core (~ 666Mhz) then you’ll be granted to


What is a VPS?
VPS which is a type of server very familiar to web developers, web designers, webmaster, developer, programmer, anyone know what it is … However the use of high-quality VPS server rental or not as simple as using shared hosting, that it requires the understanding and a certain technique, similar to a Management Server (server private rental).
VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the form of the virtual server that is created by the method of dividing a physical server into multiple servers have the same features as private servers (dedicated server), run as a shared resource from the original physical server. Each VPS is an entirely separate system, there is a separate CPU, amount of RAM, HDD drive capacity, private IP address and operating system, the user has the right to manage the root and can restart the system at any time.

So, VPS used to do?
Today the VPS is used very extensively in the enterprise and the small retail business models. But often the VPS to be used for the following needs:

Game servers:
There are investors, develop game (Game server) but not higher start-up capital. Meanwhile, each new game, hot usually attracts a million visitors a day. Server systems that they need to have the capacity and ability to handle extreme crisis. VPS lease is one of the best solutions to the home business investment for his game product before them enough capital to build a private Data Center.
Website hosting services:
The system (website, e-commerce website, the forums, the site has visitors …) each day will also need a host system stability. And to be able to focus investment for his products on the capital. They choose the VPS, server rental forms to can save a maximum of investment costs for servers, managers, Data Center installation location … and still get the robust server system to use.
Development platform:
Today, the development of technology on smart phone (Smart phone) or tablet, smart mobile devices more broadly. The Development Platform (the platform) as the operating system, applications on the operating system all need to have a centralized place to store. The common APP today that you used on the phone is one of the most typical examples.
The software always needs to have a place to focus very diverse data types such as

+ File Setup, the software update.

+ The person’s information enable.

+ Transaction history.

+ Images, File archives.

+ Easy to customize resources, provided that in the limit of physical server allows.

+ From 1 physical server, can create many VPS. Save money on hardware investment, cash-operated power servers, space …

+ Multiple VPS can be focused on 1 server systems. The inspection operation is easier.
The downside of the VPS?
However, the VPS system will also have the following disadvantages:
+ VPS’s activities affected by the activity and stability of physical servers create VPS.

+ General use physical server makes your VPS were dependent.

+ Time consuming and costs to upgrade the resource and also can not expand much.

+ How the operation and productivity of VPS does not achieve the effect as desired.

Cloud Server is the perfect substitutes for VPS
Cloud Server offers many benefits over VPS thanks to the number of servers used in a cluster. If your business depends greatly on your data source, Cloud Server is the most appropriate solution for you. The following are the advantages of Cloud server if compared to VPS:
+ VPS is initialized and run on one physical Server, so when the physical Server fails or at peak physical Server crashes often lead to VPS will suspend operations. In The Cloud.

+ Server all the components were to be set, and automatically replaced when damaged to ensure normal operation of the information system should you always safe and ready to 24/7.

+ With VPS, you are not sure the amount of hardware resources that you pay, because the other people in the same pitches VPS can use via your resources. This did not happen with Cloud Server, you get guaranteed resources and is always ready when you need it.

+ In the VPS when needed expanding or shrinking resources to upgrade physical server created VPS, so take the time and just extend a certain amount. With Cloud Server you can comfortably adjust the configuration of your Cloud Server at any time.
Kết quả (Tiếng Anh) 2:
+ Easy to customize resources, as long as the limits of the physical server allows.

+ From one physical server, can create multiple VPS. Save money on hardware investment, electricity, operating servers, installation space …

+ As many VPS may reside in one centralized server system. The checking operation will be easier.
Disadvantages of VPS?
However, the VPS system will also have the following disadvantages:

+ The operation of VPS affected by activity and stability of the physical server to create VPS.

+ The common use VPS server makes your physical dependence.

+ Takes time and cost to upgrade the resources and can not expand much.

+ The way the operation and activities of VPS yield not achieve the desired effect.
Cloud Server is the perfect alternative to VPS

Cloud Serer brings more benefits thanks to the number of VPS servers in a cluster use. If your business depends on your data source, Cloud Server is the most appropriate solution for you. Here are the advantages of Cloud server comparison with VPS:
+ VPS is up and running on a physical server, so if the server is physically defective or at peak hours Server physics often crashes VPS will lead to suspension of operations. In Cloud.

+ Server all the components are set to standby, and automatically replace when damaged to ensure the normal operation so your information systems are secure and ready 24/7.

+ With a VPS, you are not guaranteed amount of hardware resources that you pay, because others in the same node VPS can use through your resources. This did not happen with the Cloud Server, you get guaranteed resources and always ready when you need it.

+ In the VPS when the need to expand or shrink the resources to upgrade the physical server to create VPS, very time consuming and only a certain amount of expansion. Cloud Server you can comfortably adjust the configuration of the Cloud Server at any time.